A business is not just a place where money is made – it is a vital part of society and a place where staff and employees spend a good amount of their lives. It needs to be a comfortable, safe, and secure place where everyone can go about their daily tasks with peace of mind. Unfortunately, even the smallest of businesses are often targets for criminals or vandals with their own agenda. Here’s why it makes sense to employ security – and why your business should take advantage of security personnel today.

Prevention is key

A security guard isn’t just there to handle criminals when unfortunate incidents happen; the mere fact that they are present often deters criminals from the start. A thief, robber, or vandal who sees there is security personnel present immediately understands that the anti-social act won’t go as easy as planned, and is afraid of escalation. A criminal will think twice before attempting anything.

Intervention if necessary

In the unlikely event the wrongdoer still decides to push through with their illicit act, there is a trained security guard who can prevent it, or handle it when and where it happens. This is a great asset to have – you should not only think of the crime or act itself, but also of official reporting, insurance claims, and legal action. A security guard is an invaluable ally against crime.


Typically, there are signs before something goes wrong – often, when police review CCTV footage to understand how a crime happens, they understand that the crime was in the making, and that it could have been prevented if only someone had understood something irregular was taking place. Security guards help monitor the area and can report any suspicious behaviour before any crime happens.

Customer service

A security guard is not just a person who stands at the door or gate with his arms crossed and checks identification cards or bags and is ready to handle unfortunate situations – a trained security guard is a person who understands the value of smooth operations and assists in customer service wherever and whenever possible. Security guards help customers, direct them to the correct place, and let your customers or visitors know they are in a courteous and secure environment.

Peace of mind

It’s not just the security itself that is important – it’s also the sense of security that matters. Staff, employees, and visitors are happier people and work better knowing there is a reliable security guard to call on for assistance. The sense of security creates peace of mind, which leads to a more productive workforce.

A security guard will make a big difference to your business – it is essential to the business nowadays, and the benefits are immediately felt. And when it comes to your security needs, you can always rely on Oxford security firm Securipol.net.

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