We view the world around us so differently than our forefathers did in centuries or even decades past. Religion was a central part of most cultures for so long, but after the atrocities of World War II came to light, many rejected the notion that god could exist. Similarly, industry, production and mass-consumerism characterised much of the twentieth century. That is, until we began to realise how our methods were destroying the environment around us. Such realisations have drastically altered the way that many people now view the world. It has altered our values systems. And from a business perspective, it has given rise to a whole new host of thriving new age companies. Here’s why they’re succeeding.


We Want Peace


With the decline of organised religion religion, some people began looking at alternative belief systems, many of which placed the emphasis on the individual, rather than conventional notions of god. With such approaches, peace is not be found by simply entering into a church and repenting for your sins. Peace is found through self-improvement and looking deep into ourselves. Many claim to have found fulfilment through the alternative practices of mediation and yoga, so accordingly businesses who operate in this field are experiencing notable success.


We Want Answers


Given that we live in times of such economic and environmental instability, it’s only natural to want to know what lies around the corner. Wouldn’t it be mind blowing to be able to predict what your stock was going to do, or know in advance whether an investment was good or bad? Well one investment that certainly is paying off is clairvoyance and psychic mediums – a service that purports to do exactly that – predict the future. With the phenomenon of the internet, businesses such as Kooma are able to operate completely online, maximising profits whilst also offering a valuable service.


We Want to Save the Planet


Climate change is now an accepted reality and only ignorant people are choosing to disbelief or disregard it altogether. But those businesses who are giving their all to reduce the rate of climate change – such as solar powered cafes with locally sourced food – are seeing the financial rewards.


Business, Spirituality and the Environment


In the past, business, spirituality and the environment had little to do with each. But in the current climate, new age businesses are the ones thriving.



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