There was a time when traveling meant spending a lot of money on hotels – it was normal, and we never really considered other options. Luckily, the trend has been changing, and a new concept is transforming the hospitality industry: the serviced apartment. Though the concept has been around for decades, it has only been noticed by the general public in the past years – but since then it has grown exponentially and more and more people are turning to service apartments for travel, leisure, and business. But why would this be so? Why are they better than hotels? Here’s why a serviced flat offers better value for your money overall.

You’ve got the comfort

Yes, you have everything you need: cosy furniture (more than you’ll find in a hotel), TV, DVD, WiFi, cleans sheets and plush pillows – everything a hotel has and much more. You’ll also notice that these comforts have a personal touch, which hotels often lack.

You’ve got choices

When you’re staying in a hotel, you don’t always have many choices. The serviced apartment offers you these: you’ll have a kitchen so if you choose to cook, you can, and you are not forced to eat at a hotel’s dining room that offers an expensive and limited menu. You’ll be able to entertain guests. You can have a party. You can do whatever you can in a home away from home.

It’s better value for money

Considering that you have more space, more options, more flexibility, more privacy whilst still enjoying services such as housekeeping, the serviced flat offers far more value for money than a hotel ever can – especially for extended stays.

It’s freedom and privacy

Hotels are often located in the centre of the city, or near busy areas. A serviced flat is usually conveniently located, but in a quieter area. It makes a big difference in terms of freedom and privacy.

It’s personal and convenient

Whether you’re a tourist or on business, it’s always nice to be in an area where people live (apartment) rather than in a hotel. It’s more personal. It will allow you to do what the locals do.

The serviced accommodation allows the traveler to stay in a home away from home – with the comforts from home. The serviced apartment provides services such as housekeeping. The serviced apartment provides more space, more privacy, more options, more choices; these are things that cannot be put in words, but have to be experienced to be appreciated. And the amazing thing is this: the serviced flat does all this and more for less than the cost of a hotel. It’s a traveler’s dream – and that’s exactly why the serviced apartment will continue to gain popularity in the coming years.

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