To be able to have the motivation to teach a room full of students, you must have a more superior reason besides money to want this type of career. You need to have the ability to grasp the attention of a group of people who would rather be anywhere else. You see potential in people that they may not and you tend to be sensitive to positive or negative criticism.


Strong minded, stubborn and confident. You are a great problem solver and have a high focus level. Some may say that you are “hard to crack” which doesn’t necessarily mean that you are serious or even boring. It simply means that you are lot more reserved than most, and find it difficult to become emotionally invested in people. Don’t mistake this for a negative trait! – Your independence is something that you should value highly.


You have a physical challenge everyday and work in a ridiculously casual environment. Throughout the day you deal with lots of tools and equipment, which you have a lot of knowledge on. And for all of you hard laborers, you can take a look at the coolest pocketknives here. Overall, as a person you are confident and have a great sense of humor but this doesn’t cover the fact that you have a poor temper and lack self control. You often say things without thinking but depending on whom; you generally are apologetic when you are over your sulk!


You are probably a very social person; you enjoy chatting to new people and being involved in work or social events. You are definitely considered down- to-earth by many people, almost everyone that you know. You have a worthy eye for style and are a positive minded person.


Whether that is newspaper, television or digital. You enjoy your work and are a natural leader. You are far more sensitive than you let on and find it difficult to deal with strong emotions. You often look to those close to you for advice and approval. You have one of the most popular types of personality, which is why it’s easy for you to fall in to a career. Your skills are varied.

Office assistant.

A brilliant eye for detail, you are hard working and have a busy day with lots of tasks to complete. The day may drag and tapping away at the keyboard all day might drain you slowly. BUT, you don’t let this get the best of you. You are fun and chatty and your common sense is probably not up to scratch. You usually keep your work and private life at a distance from each other. However, because of your outgoing personality you may develop friendships within the workplace.

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