Roll up Banners are one of the most effective items you can have in your trade show marketing arsenal, and a roll up banner is sure to be a big success at your next event – so long as you make sure your pop up banner is well-designed, eye-catching, and informative. Pop up Banners make a big impact – find out how to make the most of this marketing resource with our top tips for designing and planning a pop up banner.

1. Treat a Banner as Part of Your Overall Strategy

Designing a banner shouldn’t be something you do in a few minutes, or on the spur of the moment. The most successful pull up banners are those that fit within a well-designed marketing strategy. Give some thought and attention to your banner design, as you would to an email advert, or a promotional leaflet. You will be promoting your business or service to a large audience, so make the most of this opportunity by ensuring your roll up banner works within your overall marketing strategy to your best advantage.

2. Locate the Logo

Your logo should be at the top of your roll up banner – use the top part of the banner to display your logo, the company name, and then the key message you want your banner to impart. Having your main message located at eye level on the banner makes it easier for people to take notice, say the designers at

3. Think Direction

People are used to reading from left to right on a piece of paper, and it helps if you locate items on a banner so people also read these from left to right. And because people also read top to bottom, the most important information should go at the top, to the left hand side of the banner.

4. Look for Quality Images

If you want to have images on your Pop up Banners, and it is advisable to have at least one image for impact and interest, then you need them to be high quality. Remember that small image files will be fine on the web or on a leaflet but they will not blow up well on a large banner. Check with the banner printing company what size image file and format you need to supply. In addition, the images should be relevant and interesting. There is little point adding a generic image to something like a banner as it is a waste of space. And while thinking of images, also think of colour – an effective colour scheme helps your banner stand out from the crowd, and it also helps people to read what you are selling.

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