With all the ways to reach potential customers, it can be somewhat overwhelming to keep track of all the ways to capitalize on to reach our full potential. Projections show that in 2021 the market will spend $188 billion on digital marketing, and with such a drive to thrive, marketers need to consider all the options to beat the competition for continual growth. Here are three tools you should consider taking up if you aren’t already.

Pay per click

A Forrester Research study shows that online advertising, including paid searches, will constitute for 46 percent of combined advertising efforts five years to come. For this reason, if you haven’t integrated pay per click into your marketing mix, consider doing so. If you’re not an expert you can hire a professional, as you would one if you needed a web app development guru, conversant with that area or invest in training. The payoff will be well worth it given the increasing traction of this type of marketing. When done right, they provide a perfect balance of a return on investment

Increase visibility

People are likely to gravitate toward brands they are familiar with or those they are familiar with. The idea is, therefore, finding ways to get brands in front of everyone. That may entail working with the PR team to find ways to get featured on various platforms talking about the business. That could be blogs, newspaper, podcast or YouTube channel. You can equally consider event sponsorships and be a panelist at the conference. Anything that can get you visibility, free or otherwise, is a fantastic way to have your business gain traction.

Discounts, offers, and giveaways

Ultimately, people like sales and free things. Your company, therefore, should consider giving the product or service offered at a discounted rate for a limited time, provide packages at lower prices or give free times whether as a contest or part of the offers. This approach brings traffic to your channels, whether the website or social media platforms and ultimately lead to leads, conversions, and sales in the long run. The trick, however, is to ask for email addresses to add to the mailing list that you could potentially turn into a customer.

Wrap up: keep what works

There are various marketing tools a manager can use with a nearly endless variety of each. You, therefore, have to continually evaluate the digital marketing approaches you are using and tweak or drop all together. That way, your budget only goes to those functions that produce optimum results. Hiring a marketing professional to perform a marketing audit is perhaps the reasonable approach.

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