Getting your customers or potential clientele promotional items is always a great idea – the customer appreciates it, finds it useful, has something to remember you by, and chances are they will call on you sooner or later. Promotional items work; time and time they prove their value.

However, getting the right promotional item for your target market is not always as easy as it sounds. Not only do you have to research your clientele, you’re also limited by budget. Furthermore, there are many kinds of items on the market, and making the right choice can be intimidating at times. Luckily, there are many companies that have gone before you, and experts are always ready to give their advice. Here is a list of some key promotional items you can give to your customers.

Custom bags

Trade shows and market fairs, supermarkets, and grocery shops; they are just some of the events or businesses that are amongst the first to give away free tote bags – why? Because they know it’s very convenient for the visitor, and it will have a lasting impact. Furthermore, when people walk around with it, it’s free advertising.

Drinking gear

In the United States, this little convenient item has been declared the most popular free giveaway – simply because it works. You could choose amongst water bottles, ceramic cups, glasses, and so much more. When people use it, they get attached to it.

USB drives

It’s useful, and it shows that you have a good sense of the age we are living in. Furthermore, it’s not really that expensive if you order in high volume, as promotional merchandise specialists will tell you. This is an excellent way to capture the younger generation; 60% of those between 18 to 24 years of age carry a USB drive around.

Writing utensils

It’s a classic, but it still works. You’d be surprised at how often we grab a pen or some other writing tool during the day. If you can give your customer a pen that is easy to retrieve (such as one that is combined with a small pad for use during telephone conversations, for example), you’re sure you have customer satisfaction.

Desktop accessories

Having a mouse pad with the company logo is a great idea. So is a paperclip holder. By the way, if you haven’t given your own employees this yet, do so; it creates company unity.

Of course, these are not the only items that work well as promotional giveaways. A well-designed calendar, for example, can stay with your client for a whole year. The most important things to consider are practicality, usefulness, and the impression that you make on your customers. Go for quality materials, and your clientele is sure to grow.

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