Digital marketers are always searching for new ways to optimize digital technologies to promote their brands and attract more customers for revenue growth.

One solution that has been established for this purpose is the online live chat platform.

No matter how rich your website content is, it cannot be rich enough to provide your prospective customers with all answers to their questions. Hence, a need for a live chat platform.

Live chat establishes a direct connection between you and the potential customer. When they have pressing questions, live chat gives them the chance to get their answers there and then from a real person.

Connecting with potential leads helps nurture qualified leads and sales.

So how can you grow an awesome live chat platform? Start with a quality system, and check out these 4 tips to help your live chat services increase your customer retention.

1. Get creative with your live chat graphics display:

(Image Source: BuzzSumo)

This is very crucial.

It’s a challenge to get customers to use your product and love it, and that’s especially true when it’s not visually appealing.

Try to make a graphic that leads them to the live chat service different from the competition’s live chat service (if they have it).

This can be done by using different fonts, eye catching colors, different shapes, and even moving the icon to different locations on the screen.

Creating an eye catching and eye pleasing link to your live chat can be a challenge, so takes some time to split test a few different options. Find the one that performs the best, and run with it.

2. Get creative with your greetings:

Greetings are important, really important.

Sure you can keep it simple, and use easy statements like “live chat now,” “Live Chat Support 24/7,” or even “How can we help you?,” but you should try to branch out to find catchier Live Chat tags that make people interested in using your services.

“Have questions? Our Support team is here to help 24/7. Just click here to start chatting now!”

Quotes like this may take a bit longer to consumer, but they are effective for attracting customers to use the live chat service.

They address a concern, and let the customer know you are always there to help. It makes the same point as the first live chat tags, but it connects and directs your customer more. Ask for interactions! The digital influencers do it, so why aren’t you?

As always, split test to find the differences in use and conversion with different headlines because your market might have a preference towards the simple option.

Either way, it’s your job to connect and give your customers what they want.

3. Sleek, creative graphics and pleasant greetings wouldn’t be effective without the right team:

Having a beautiful program with catching greetings isn’t always enough to make your live chat service useful. Often times great systems are let down by poor personnel.

Finding the right staff can be a challenge, but once you have them in place, your services will be top notch.

Make sure you do an amazing job training the people who will be assisting customers via live chat because they are the direct link from your customer to your company. Their impression matters.

Setting up training templates and having your employees know the company like the back of their hand is a must if you want a live chat service to succeed. Human behavior classes and interaction classes are also helpful ways to make your chat service your website superstar.

You need to be on top of responding to the customers and have great people skills, or the system is sure to fail.

4. Don’t be ridiculous with your pop ups:

Everyone hates pop ups.

I can’t recall a time when a pop up showed up after clicking a link and thought, “Yes! I’m so glad this pop up is blocking me from what I actually wanted to see.”

With that being said, you need to position your live chat service in a way that it’s seen, but not invasive. Invasive pop ups, huge chat boxes that you can’t get rid of, annoying and constant notification sounds from the page, and ads that cover your screen are great ways to piss people off. Is that worth the small amount of conversions?

Google says no. Google says it’s annoying too. Don’t do it.


A live chat service is an amazing way to create a personal connection with your customers.

The ability to have a human interaction with a person who can answer questions directly is a priceless experience.

That statement goes for you and your customers.

Your customers get the experience of getting connected with the company. That means you give them a higher personal value.

Your team gets to interact with the customers directly, and can really help your company understanding of who your customer really is and how to keep them around.

Are you using a live chat on your website? How is it working for your business? Let us know in the comments below.

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