If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident in the workplace, there are some essential steps you should take in order to ensure that you receive the correct medical treatment and also have the necessary evidence to file a claim for compensation for the injuries you sustained.

If you sustain an injury while working, you should:

  • Immediately report the details of the incident to your supervisor.

  • Report your injury to the designated first aid person in the workplace.

  • In the case of being a union member, you should also report the incident to your union representative.

  • Make sure that all pertinent details of the accident are correctly recorded in the workplace accident book – and only sign the report if you fully agree with the details of the entry.

  • Seek immediate emergency medical attention from either the first aid representative in your workplace or the nearest medical centre or hospital, depending on the nature and severity of injuries you sustained as a result of the accident. Ensure you provide a full account of your injuries and how the accident transpired. Medical specialists are trained to also be on the lookout for related symptoms which you might be unaware of. Obtain a copy of the medical report for your records – as this will be required for making a work accident claim.

  • Provide any assistance necessary with regard to the investigation into the accident, such as completing an accident questionnaire or assisting your supervisor ascertain exactly how the incident happened. This can help prevent any future reoccurrence.

  • If you need to be absent from work for longer than three days as a result of your injuries, the incident must be reported to the local branch of the Health and Safety Executive. This is normally done by your employer, but you should ensure that it is completed.

  • Maintain an accurate record of all out-of-pocket expenses associated with your accident. These might include medical expenses, travel expenses to attend appointments and consultations for therapy and other treatments associated with your injuries. These expenses can be included in any amount of compensation you decide to claim for as a result of the accident.

  • Seek legal advice from work accident claims specialists in order to ensure that your rights to claim compensation are honoured. Experienced experts will be able to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve and guide you thought the entire claims process, assisting you with the necessary documents and correspondence required to present your claim.

If you have observed the steps above – you should have a strong case for claiming compensation from your employer’s insurance company for any injuries sustained as a result of your accident while working.

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