You would have thought with the knowledge and advice there is on productivity, the multitude of time and attendance software applications there are, and the power of technology time wasting would be a thing of the past. Ah well I’m sorry to say that if anything time wasting at work has become even worse…

Roughly 89% of people waste time at work (and those are just the ones that admit it!) and that accumulates to 60 hours per week which in monetary terms can cost businesses on average £40,000 a year! From useless meetings, uncomfortable environments and daily distractions there’s a whole host of activities which waste time at work, however the great news is there is something you can do about it. Take a look at the infographic below to see whether you fall guilty of any of the most common time-wasting activities and what you can do as an employee or manager to reduce the amount time and thus money that is being wasted.

uAttend_Time_Wasting_Infographic (1)

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