Web designing is an ever changing field that requires analytical skills to create a website. To have a successful career in the field, one needs to remain updated with the technological advancements.  In present scenario, almost every company promotes products and brand by creating its own website. But, who creates these websites? Web designing is an innovative field where the professional known as a web designer is involved in creating, designing, aligning and editing web pages in a company’s website. The demand for web designers has surged with an increase in the usage of websites in every organization, irrespective of its size.

Job Prospects:

Web designers get opportunity to work with programmers, project managers, marketing professionals, information architects, etc. Having a knack for creativity, image impression, design skill, and aesthetic use of colors and form, these professionals have great career prospects in different industries, such as:

  • Web consulting firms
  • Design Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Marketing agencies
  • Audio/Video Media Agencies, and
  • Manufacturing companies

Role of Web Designers

A web designer is responsible for designing the look of a websites and incorporating features like animation, online community, e-commerce, interactive application, and search engine optimization. A wide range of job role includes:

  • A web designer is concerned with creating and designing websites and web pages.
  • They create web banners, animations, and posters.
  • Web designer create microsites.
  • They are responsible for defining user interface.
  • Other services include designing Flash, HTML coding, and graphic designing.
  • They are involved in making websites presentable and functional for users.

Career Requirement

Web designing career requires the candidate to earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design, or similar field. In India, several institutes and colleges offer degree in such courses. Innovative and unconventional fields like web designing, animation and fashion technology are preferred by young students who wish to make a career in such creative fields. Delhi is home to several web designing institutes like Animation Boom, Arena, and NIIT that creates successful professionals. The salary offered in the field is lucrative as per job location, qualification, employer and experience.

In the rising age of internet, web designing is a glamorous and exciting career option to prove once creativity and technical acumen. Apart from having a creative mind, a successful web designer should have other skills like organization and communication skills.

The future holds no limitation for a web designer as the technology is dynamic in nature that keeps on introducing new developments. With technological advancement and never ending usage of internet, the need of new skills is always in demand. The role as a web designer is rewarding but challenging as the work is judged by thousands of users. No doubt, web designers have bright career prospects that entice more number of students to join the field.

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