Whenever you’re going through the hiring process, there’s an understandable tendency to focus on technical skills and relevant experience. Whilst it’s advisable to place a level of importance on these elements, it often leads to employers overlooking the core communication skills of potential new hires, and the impact these skills can have on their success within the business.

An ability to communicate effectively with team-members, colleagues, superiors, clients and/or the public should be a major consideration when it comes to a prospective hire and should have a significant bearing on their suitability for the role they’re being considered for. Not only will it impact their ability to do the job well, but it can also impact your corporate culture and the dynamics of your team.

To help you look for these key skills when hiring new employees, training specialists STL have put together a new infographic focusing on five of the key communication skills you should be looking for, and how they can be improved:five-essential-communication-skills

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