Project Management Professional? The Importance Of Recertification

A project management professional (PMP) can enjoy the benefits of an amazing career, excellent salary and continuous job growth. PMPs are in high demand currently, and the position is expected to increase over the next decade. The initial certification is acquired through an assortment of factors such as education, examination and job experience. However it doesn’t end there, as once you hold this important credential, you’ll need to follow-up with the necessary requirements and get re-certified every three years. 

What is a Project Management Professional?

One of the most prestigious certificates that you can hold in the project management field is a PMP certification. This certificate is good for three years and begins the moment that you’ve completed your exam. In order to gain your re-certification, you need to earn the appropriate professional development units or PMP PDU to maintain your certificate. After all of this hard work, you don’t want to let this slip through the cracks or leave everything until 6 months prior to its expiration. During this three year cycle, you’ll have plenty of time to earn your 60 PDUs if you go about it responsibly. To find out how you can become a better project manager click here.

Re-certification Requirements

You’ll find an assortment of ways to earn your re-certification requirements such as online courses, seminars, volunteering and through your daily PMP profession. Most individuals can earn 5 PDUs each year or 15 per cycle just by doing your job. For project management professionals, this means that you can earn approximately 25 percent of the required 60 at no cost.

In order to earn another 25 percent, you can attend seminars, lectures, events and meetings that pertain to project management. If you make a point to attend five lectures, at one hour a piece, you can get another 15 PDUs under your belt. Other notable factors for earning more PDUs include world-wide events and seminars. They may cost a little more, but you’ll be able to earn PDUs and gain substantial knowledge necessary for your career.

Volunteering is another way to earn credits. This can be done by offering your professional expertise to groups or organizations outside of your work environment. For PMPs who mentor or conduct research for their job supervisor, this falls under the self-learning category, and you can earn additional credits through coaching sessions and sitting in on audits.

Online courses have become one of the more popular ways of earning PDUs, simply because they offer flexible learning which can be done to fit around work and home life.  The best courses are instructor led, ensuring you have a PMP professional available to you whenever you need to discuss the coursework.  With online courses you typically earn one PDU for each hour of study and each course is usually designed to be completed within a set number of hours, for instance a course which takes 25 hours to complete will earn you 25 PDUs.

Submitting the Appropriate Documentation

As soon as you earn your PDUs, you need to submit them immediately and send on the necessary paperwork that supports your claims. If you mentor other employees on the job, you need to have a supervisor or mentee sign the document and include the dates and number of hours that you worked with them. If you attend seminars or online courses, make sure to include the registration form, and the payment voucher.

Maintaining your PMP certification allows you to take your job to the next level and experience job growth. Not only is it a great way to acquire new skills, you’ll be able to enhance the talents you already have in relation to management, leadership, communication and more. 

Author Georgina Clatworthy is a freelance writer who writes regularly on topics relating to online learning and career development courses. Learning online has become a popular way to enhance career opportunities whilst staying within an existing job role.  For those project management professionals needing to earn PMP PDU for re-certification, online courses offer a flexible means of earning the necessary units whilst also offering the means to enhance knowledge and skills at the same time.

Web Designing- A Lucrative Career

Web designing is an ever changing field that requires analytical skills to create a website. To have a successful career in the field, one needs to remain updated with the technological advancements.  In present scenario, almost every company promotes products and brand by creating its own website. But, who creates these websites? Web designing is an innovative field where the professional known as a web designer is involved in creating, designing, aligning and editing web pages in a company’s website. The demand for web designers has surged with an increase in the usage of websites in every organization, irrespective of its size.

Job Prospects:

Web designers get opportunity to work with programmers, project managers, marketing professionals, information architects, etc. Having a knack for creativity, image impression, design skill, and aesthetic use of colors and form, these professionals have great career prospects in different industries, such as:

  • Web consulting firms
  • Design Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Educational Institutes
  • Marketing agencies
  • Audio/Video Media Agencies, and
  • Manufacturing companies

Role of Web Designers

A web designer is responsible for designing the look of a websites and incorporating features like animation, online community, e-commerce, interactive application, and search engine optimization. A wide range of job role includes:

  • A web designer is concerned with creating and designing websites and web pages.
  • They create web banners, animations, and posters.
  • Web designer create microsites.
  • They are responsible for defining user interface.
  • Other services include designing Flash, HTML coding, and graphic designing.
  • They are involved in making websites presentable and functional for users.

Career Requirement

Web designing career requires the candidate to earn a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, graphic design, or similar field. In India, several institutes and colleges offer degree in such courses. Innovative and unconventional fields like web designing, animation and fashion technology are preferred by young students who wish to make a career in such creative fields. Delhi is home to several web designing institutes like Animation Boom, Arena, and NIIT that creates successful professionals. The salary offered in the field is lucrative as per job location, qualification, employer and experience.

In the rising age of internet, web designing is a glamorous and exciting career option to prove once creativity and technical acumen. Apart from having a creative mind, a successful web designer should have other skills like organization and communication skills.

The future holds no limitation for a web designer as the technology is dynamic in nature that keeps on introducing new developments. With technological advancement and never ending usage of internet, the need of new skills is always in demand. The role as a web designer is rewarding but challenging as the work is judged by thousands of users. No doubt, web designers have bright career prospects that entice more number of students to join the field.

Want to Become a World Travel Photographer?

Photography and travel go together like stunning sunsets and pristine beaches. You can have one without the other, but together they make the trip unforgettable. Whether you fly around the globe or drive across the local landscape, a camera brings everything back home. With the right equipment and training, you can turn traveling adventures into a career or your favorite hobby into a lifetime of enjoyment.

At Your Finger Tips

If you’ve ever taken a trip and forgotten the camera, you just buy a disposable version of this trusty traveling gear. Think about that for a moment. Cameras have made their own journey over the years putting distance between themselves and film. Today’s digital technology allows you to enjoy taking pictures without much thought.

Having fun and capturing memories are the focal points of your best shots. From that birthday celebration to camping on the river, you’re recording the events and places that mean something special. Download those images to a computer, print them out, and you have favorite photographs ready to frame. Digital photography captures the world with a click of your finger.


Fun and Adventure

When you browse through a favorite travel publication, what stands out? The articles are fascinating, but the photographs hold your attention and set your imagination on journeys around the globe. Picture the career of a world travel photographer, and what do you envision? Adventures of a lifetime come to mind along with hard work based on a solid knowledge of the craft.

You enjoy working with a camera, so you’re familiar the essential tool. If you know that DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex, you understand the basics. With the right training, you can turn a love for photography into a career that spans around the globe. At one of the travel photography classes Calgary area programs I looked into, instructors teach the creative use of light, how to best capture a location and using perspective as an artistic tool.  Even if you’re not ready to give up the day job, lessons like these can elevate your vacation shots from everyday fun to beautiful images.

Creative Learning

It’s always exciting and fun to learn more about something you love. Taking pictures is easy, but a photography course gives you an understanding of the camera’s mechanics and its power. Modern DSLR equipment is forgiving, and it compensates for brilliant light on the beach or quiet tones under the shade tree. However, a little professional direction gives you the ability to turn any setting into a stunning image.

Converting technical knowledge into control and confidence opens up your personal lens on the world. The resulting creativity becomes self-expression through your photography. Imagine your favorite landmark from the best angle. Picture those family gatherings in an optimum lighting situation. A photography course helps you master the craft, and the payoff lasts forever.

Take another look at that faithful camera, and think about all the things you’ve seen together. The memories bring on a smile and a sense of anticipation. There’s always another celebration to mark, and new destinations continue to beckon. Whether you capture the moment or a view of the world, knowing your camera better will make those images even more memorable.

Researcher Shelby Warden never leaves home without her camera and hopes this information will inspire fellow amateur photographers to take their hobby to next level.  Learn Photography Canada offers an amazing Composition & Travel Photography classes Calgary program, with both an outdoor and indoor component so students can practice the skills and techniques they are taught in some of the best iconic locations.

Shopping and Business – Looking at the Photo Book Industry

Shopping, when your business is selling commodities to the public, is life. You stand or fall by the willingness of consumers to come through your virtual doors and buy your products.

All businesses develop according to exterior influences. These may be defined as their technological environment; their competition environment; and their advertising environment. Some areas, the business has control over directly (for instance its advertising). Other areas, the business is almost helpless to control.

The photo book industry has developed in conjunction with, and as a result of, changes in the technological landscape. These changes and developments have manifested in two separate places: one has developed the target market for the industry, and the other has made it possible to create photo books online in the first place.

The first technological development is the evolution of digital photography. A digital camera these days doesn’t even have to be a camera to get daily use. Most phone have a camera capable of taking photos that can be uploaded to social media sites.

Even the compact digital camera has become affordable for many, and takes pictures of reasonably high quality – certainly good enough to print, which is more than can be said for some camera phones.

This technology has combined with the other technological advancement responsible for the photo book: the development of faster web services, and the concurrent development of much more powerful websites.

The engine of the photo book industry is the website. In basic industrial terms, the photo book site combines a CMS (content management system) and professional layout and editing suite to create designed books filled with user photos. The degree to which the user controls the appearance and layout of his or her book may be set by the user – and can run from completely hands-off (where the site designs a book for the user with no interference) to utterly bespoke.

The current business model for the photo book industry revolves around predesigned templates and professionally printed books – allowing the majority of users to receive what amounts to a coffee table book of their own photos with minimum work on their part. There are, however, areas of technology and service in which the providers of photo book services need to improve if they are not to get out of step with the advancement of technology and the continuing development of the target market.

The most basic error committed by some photo book sites is their lack of information. A seasoned image manipulator, for example, knows that he or she can probably find ways to make each page in a photo book look like he or she wants them to. He or she Laos knows that images below around 1.5 MB in resolution will fail to deliver the proper print effect: smaller images print fuzzily, and if you blow them up to book page size they look awful.

To be fair, some photo book sites include warnings about this: but again, unless a person has some familiarity with the kind of program he or she is using, then he or she may never realise that a warning has been triggered.

The cost of a photo book ranges greatly, from minimal price for small books to more than £100 for a presentation class one. Obviously, someone creating a presentation book with the wrong photos is going to be disappointed.


Jennifer is a photographer.

Gifts For Business People

Business people have a lot on their minds and a lot to do. Why not get them a gift to show you appreciate what they do for you? When running a business, things can get tough. Sometimes business people forget to take time off to enjoy the money they are making. Why not reassure them it is okay to take some time off every once in a while by getting them something special?

Gift of the Month Club
A gift of the month club will allow you to get them a special gift every month. Types of gifts from the clubs include: hot and spicy of the month club, variety mix of the month club, gourmet of the month club and beer of the month club. These types of gift of the month clubs will definitely put a smile on the business person’s face.

Personalized Black Marble World Clock
This personalized clock will make any business person look good. You can also engrave you’re their name on this great clock. Since it is a world clock, the recipient of this gift will be able to tell what time it is anywhere in the world.

Everyone loves plants and flowers. What about getting your favorite business person a hydrangea? Getting them a pink one is a gift straight from the heart. It can come in a nice planter to liven up any their office.

Personalized Executive Glass Name Plate
The personalized executive glass name plate can brighten up any boring office. Their name can be placed on it to let everyone know they are the boss.

Money Clip
Successful business people make a lot of money. Could is a better way to hold all of that money that with a personalized money clip with their name on it? They can use it to keep their money safe.

Business Card Case

Get your favorite business person a business card case. This case can hold all of their business cards so they can hand them out to people or leave them at other businesses to promote their name.


The person you know might have a lot of article clips they keep in case they want to show them to someone for a future work project. If this is the case, why not get them a leather portfolio so they can have something to hold their clips in?

Gadget Charger for the Car

Business people like gadget gifts and they also need something to charge their gadgets with while driving. A gadget charger is a good idea and allows them to keep their devices charged and ready to go all day long.

Getting your favorite business person a gift they can use and will love will make them happy. Once they see what you have given them, they will always remember you as a favorite customer. This might be able to help you get certain deals and discounts.

About the Author: This guest post comes from Victoria Heckstall. She loves offering advice to those who are seeking business gifts options for their co-workers.

The Ways To Get Success In Ex Military Recruitment Interviews

Joining military services is considered as one of the most lucrative options for many people in different parts of the world. Most of these people get fascinated by the heroism and the respects the army people get and join the services. Apart from this many join the services as a part of their family tradition or simply to gather some technical skill and get a secure job.  But many of them who initially become fascinated about the job do not wish to continue with this job for various reasons and search for other jobs within a few years. Even people who have taken retirement from the military services after completing their term also search for jobs in various companies.  But sometimes they face lots of difficulties while searching for civilian jobs as they are not quite familiar with the latest development in the job market. The basic problem they face is cracking the interviews in various companies. A number of companies offer the opportunity of ex military recruitment. Following are the few tips which can help the ex army to pass the interview round:

Information about the company: Before attending an interview in a particular company the candidate should collect some basic information about the company so that he can have a fair idea of the type of the company and the products and the services it offers. Though it is not mandatory, still it is suggested because sometimes interviewer asks questions related to the organisation or he or she can ask one to give a brief introduction about the company. It shows the applicants interest in working with the organisation. Therefore, visit the website of the organisation and check the company profile and if possible point out the important information related to the company.

Checking the resume: It is a known fact that resume plays a key role in getting the most suitable job. The CVs or the resumes speak on the behalf of the candidates long before they physically appear for the interview. Therefore, it is necessary to make the resume in the most perfect way possible. But the most important thing that one should make sure that all the information given by him or her must be true. It is always suggested that people should develop their CV all by themselves but if it not possible then they should at least thoroughly read it before appearing for a job interview.

Clarification of all the achievements: There are a number of interviewers who may not have the experience of interviewing ex military personnel. This is the opportunity when an ex army can introduce himself and talks about his achievements at the time of serving the military services. It can help the candidate to open up and interact in a much better way and on the other hand, the interviewer can have an idea of the type of job they should offer the job seeker and the level of pressure the applicant can manage etc.

These are the few tips which can help the army veterans to appear and get success in the ex military recruitment. A number of companies create a number of positions which can be suitable for the ex military personnel.