newIf you’re currently thinking about a move into the New Zealand market, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s an easy way to get set up fast. Whether the end goal is to establish a completely new base or you’re still working on plans for the future, a virtual office could be the right choice. These fully equipped facilities are ideal for overseas investors and entrepreneurs because they provide all of the facilities needed to run a business in one complete, ‘ready to go’ package.

In other words, instead of having to find a suitable office lease and then build up an operational site from scratch, you can pay to access a complete one. This minimises the amount of downtime associated with a relocation or a launch and it means that you can continue to make money, even while you’re in the midst of big changes. However, you do need to make sure that you pick a virtual office that fulfils all of your company needs.

This guide to the most common features of virtual offices in New Zealand will give you an idea of what to expect and what you might need.

High-Speed Internet/Phone Lines

This is the big one for pretty much all businesses. Without high-speed internet and a reliable phone line, you can’t stay connected to customers, vendors, or investors. So, the quality of these facilities is something that you should explore at length before you sign any kind of agreement or hand over any money. Servcorp, a provider of virtual office solutions across New Zealand, offers a range of communications packages. Visit to find out about its tier one Wi-Fi and 24/7 phone services.

Conference Spaces/Boardrooms

While virtual offices are not strictly private – they can be used privately, but only for an allocated amount of time – whole boardrooms and conference spaces can be booked out on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. This means that you don’t have to pay for them if they’re not going to be useful. On the other hand, if hosting clients or investors is a big part of your expansion plans, you can hire out comfortable, spacious conference suites containing state of the art equipment.

High-Quality Furniture and Décor

It is easy to overlook the substantial cost of decorating and filling a traditional office space. If you take out a private lease, it’s your job to invest in chairs, desks, filing cabinets, printers, fax machines, and all of the other fittings and fixtures needed to run a successful business. In a serviced facility, all of these things are instantly accessible and ready to be used. This minimises the upfront costs associated with expanding into a new market and helps smaller businesses manage narrow profit margins a little more carefully.

Presentation Tools and Smart Technology

Not all virtual facilities provide pay as you go computers because the vast majority of mobile workers operate solely from their own laptops and tablets anyway. This is, in many ways, better for security, particularly if you have important product or service data to protect. What most do offer is state of the art presenting tools like interactive whiteboards, projectors, and HD displays. Make sure that you check the website of your chosen facility to see exactly what technology it provides.

Why a Virtual Office Could Be the Key to Your Success

Whether you’re a lone entrepreneur on the hunt for fertile markets or part of a small overseas expansion team, there are wonderful opportunities to be discovered in New Zealand. Choosing to launch your operation from a virtual office is a great idea, as it can provide a springboard for future plans. Rather than investing a huge amount of money in building a base that you don’t know will be successful, you can start practically with minimal overheads and a flexible, agile business model.

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