Many of us have issues when it comes to tracking our time, whether it’s a minor problem such as becoming confused about what tasks we still have to do or a major dilemma such as huge errors in our billing invoices. If you want to increase your efficiency by tracking your time in the proper manner, you may need some extra help. Time tracking software has been created for this precise purpose – and what a blessing it is for most of us! But since there is a lot of software out there, the next question is how to choose the best one. Here’s how to select the best time tracking software for your needs.

The importance of web-based software

Nearly all companies nowadays have a consistent, regular connection to the World Wide Web. We use the web for most everything – from sending and receiving emails to getting some information online to managing our website domains. This is why it makes sense for you to opt for web-based software, which you don’t have to download into each and every employee’s computer.

The beauty about web-based time tracking software is the fact that you don’t have to bother with updating the software – it happens automatically. Additionally, it’s easier for you to access the data you need if it’s web-based, as you can access it from anywhere and at any time. For people who are on the road a lot (such as sales representatives), a web-based app and software makes everything much more accessible.

Security and safety is also another issue you have to think about. With web-based software or software on the cloud, you’re relying on a variety of servers and not just one server or your local office server. This means that even if one particular server crashes, you can still make use of backup servers to get your needed data.


You would also want a time tracking app and software that’s easy to use – it would hardly be helpful if it’s complicated and non-user friendly. Of course, you’d have to give yourself time to learn it and get used to it, but if the learning curve is too steep and takes up too much of your time (which is ironic), then you’re better off without it.

Make sure to choose time tracking apps and software that are simple and easy to understand as well as easy to control. One way you can check for ease of use is to ask for a trial run or demo. Through this, you can try it hands-on and see whether it really works for you. You can also get to know its features, which will help you determine its usefulness to your business.

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