Science has become increasingly romanticised in recent years. From the humorous antics of the geeks on the Big Bang Theory to Bill Nye’s impassioned defence of evolution, the word is on the street that science is now cool. In fact, there’s been a rise in the number of students applying for science-related degrees over the past 5 years, and educational experts believe that it may have something to do with science’s re-introduction into mainstream imagination.

The Reality of Science

Nevertheless, if students are applying for science courses simply because they like what they see on TV, they’re probably going to be in for a shock. Science is a rigorous discipline which requires huge amounts of study and work if one is to have a successful career in a related field. The reality is that science, just like any other field, has the capacity to be mundane, repetitive and disheartening.

Exciting Careers

If you’re thinking about a career in the sciences, don’t let this put you off. There are plenty of scientific jobs which have the capacity to be exciting, like environmental scientists who get to travel the world, or heroic, like micro-biologists developing vaccines. If you know what you want to do before pursuing your degree, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving it.

Five Amazing Scientific Professions

Perhaps the hardest part of this process is figuring out what it is you actually want to do with your degree. After all, this is a big life choice which requires a lot of thought. So, to help you out, here are five amazing things you may wish to do with your science degree:

  • Astronomers: If your favourite pastime was lying outside on a warm night, looking at the stars, then this could be the career for you. Astronomers concern themselves with all the astral bodies.
  • Atmospheric Scientist: Global warming is a sensitive topic right now, and atmospheric scientists are at the forefront of international discussion.
  • Physicists: If you’re interested in the big questions this may well be for you. Physicists study the origins of the universe, among other things.
  • Toxicology: If you’re a deeply analytical type with an associated interest in manufacturing, this path may be for you. Talk to bibra – toxicology advice & consulting are their thing.
  • Behavioural Science: This field is where the humanities meet the scientists. If you’re interested in finding out why people behave the way they do, this is the perfect career for you.

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