Poor health equals big bucks lost: according to Forbes, the U.S. economy loses over $575 billion each year due to employee illness. While you may be paying a lot for healthcare for your business, you’ll probably save much more by taking a proactive stance when it comes to your employees and their health.

How can you do this without breaking the bank? By integrating good health practices into your work environment, and offering proactive programs such as weight loss programs, smoking cessation, and gym memberships into your employee benefit packages for starters.

Encourage your employees to make healthy choices by offering fresh fruits and vegetables in the cafeteria or vending machines, and implement an exercise program into the daily grind. Statistics show that four or more hours of sitting per day raises the rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease; counter this by encouraging desk-bound workers to walk or pace briskly for two minutes of every hour.

Analyze the reasons for employee illnesses and look for trends. It may be something simple like the one guy who brags he never misses a single day; your dedicated employee may be infecting the rest of the office by coming to work with the flu. While his motivation and dedication is to be commended, he’s not helping your bottom line unless he can do everyone else’s work while their out sick! If he shows up and appears to be contagious, send him home.

If injuries are breaking your profit, consider holding employee training until the number goes down. Rewarding a crew that has no accidents may be the key to keeping injuries at bay, because everyone will be more aware of accident hazards. Unfortunately, to lose 10 kilos in 8 weeks is not enough exercise, you also have to take care of food, but do not worry, because the exercise program for weight loss also includes 8 weeks of detailed diet.

The exercise plan to lose weight consists of 3 phases, initiation, intermediate and advanced. Each stage consists of 3 weekly videos, which also can do the 2 forms, normal or intensive, depending on your motivation and haste you have to lose weight.

Appoint a committee to check out how much you’re losing to illness and injury and to find ways to change the patterns. It won’t happen overnight, but in the long run your higher profit will more than pay for the cost. As a bonus, eventually you’ll also save by not having to hire and train new employees to take the place of those lost due to injuries and chronic illness, and your reputation as an excellent employer will grow.


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