Compared to the usual forms of market trading, the key benefit of spread betting is that you are allowed to trade, and make a profit, regardless of the current trends of the market. Whether it is rising or falling, you can bet on the outcome of the market’s performance and maximise your profits accordingly. But those are not the only profits of going with this form of trading. Let’s look at a few others:

Trade regardless of market trends

As mentioned above, it is one of the few forms of market trading that allow you to trade regardless of the direction the market is heading in. In traditional forms of market trading, most investors shy away and pull out their investments when the market conditions are not favourable and as a result, aren’t subjected to much exposure in times when the market is experiencing a free fall. However, with spread betting, you can fully participate, and expect to come out on top regardless of which direction the market is heading.

Tax free profit

Unlike other forms of trading, spread betting is recognised by the UK government as a form of betting and therefore, any proceeds made as a result are exempt of all forms of taxes according to the financial law in the country. Not only that, but being a derivative invention, it is also exempt of the UK stamp duty taxes.

Trade 24 hours a day

It is important for a trader to be able to have access to their account from anywhere they wish, and at any time, especially when there is rapid movement in the prices of the market. That is why, with companies like ETX Capital, you can get 24 hours access to all your accounts, seven days a week.

And that is not the only benefit of trading with the help of professionals. You also get access to certain major markets, such as the UK 100 and Wall Street, throughout the day. This gives you the opportunity to place spread bets on markets even when they are not functional.

Capitalise on your profits

Since spread betting is a marginalised product, you only need to invest a small portion of the full worth of your complete standing in the market initially. What this means is that, unlike with traditional forms of trading, in spread betting, you are allowed to use leverage and potentially increase your gains and losses.

As an example, with ETX Capital, you only need a 0.5% margin factor for starting in the currency market, and similar percentages, depending which market you are trading in.

Limitless options

Spread betting is one of the only forms of trading that allows you to take part in some of the biggest and best international stock, Forex, and indices markets around the world. And not only that, but you can also bet on almost any market imaginable, including, but not limited to bonds, interest rates or commodities.

So get started with spread betting to gain good profits today.

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