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This blog has been around for a fair bit of time now, the object of it is to bring you news of the happenings at Arsenal Football Club and – well – my opinion on it, through the good times and the bad.

Sometimes work commitments mean I can’t bring updates as often as I would like to sometimes but I am always active over on Twitter (@thegoonblog). I also get to games as often as I can.

If I’m not reading about Arsenal, then I enjoy playing roulette at Spin Palace online casino. I’m always open to advertising offers so if you have any queries etc. contact me here. All articles are © 2010 thegoonblog.com, ask permission before using information or posts (if you ask, you will probably get it).

The website is recognised by the club by being part of the affiliate network and was awarded the first exclusive interview with Mark Gonnella – communications director – in the British press since his appointment at the club.

During this websites existence, we have published a number of exclusive articles – the majority of which have been proven correct.



The website also has two high quality columnists – Ben Jones and Sean Oakes – both will offer insight that the editor cannot due to time constraints or lack of in depth knowledge on that topic. The Goon Blog wishes to bring you high quality content from the people who are most informed in that area.

All writing is at the responsibility of the stated author.

If you are offended by anything written, please use the contact form and if necessary, the content will be removed. All writing is at the responsibility of the stated author.

I have no affiliation with Arsenal FC, despite 99.9% of the content being about Arsenal FC. thegoonblog.com displays advertising banners from the Arsenal Affiliate scheme, but no information is gathered using this scheme and it is strictly for advertising only.

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