Being a busboy, dishwasher, or part-time fast-food chain cashier not to your liking? Well, there are other ways to gain money while saving up for your dream home. Money you can use when you get out of your cramped rental home and acquire a real property to call your own.

There are a couple of rewarding jobs and legal opportunities out there for you, some of which you wouldn’t think of. Here are 7 of them to get you started.

  1. Freelance writing/blogging. It’s what I’m doing right now! If you’re a graduate of journalism, communication or a related major – this is a good move. Making money writing is not the easiest, but it is possible if you have a natural affinity for it. Even a single article can be very taxing since you need multiple resources, rounds of drafting and finalizing an article – not to mention possible revisions after submission. There is a Pro Blogger website board and others like it if you want this job. Writing gives you the flexibility to balance your busy schedule and can even turn into a permanent moneymaking vocation in the long run.

  2. Participate in Medical Research Studies. You can earn money by testing a new drug than doing pay-per-clicks online. Beware though, you can also get sick testing a new drug. So consider that. If the money is worth the risk of a negative health effect, then try it. But if you don’t want to take that kind of risk, I suggest sticking with the general research studies.

  3. Participate in Surveys. Not many are aware of this, but there are many studies that take place in any city at a given moment. The people behind these studies often pay for anyone who will take an hour or more of their time to do a dumb ‘yes or no’ questions about things like if you eat food off the ground, use the social media while peeing, and others. Okay, these questions are made up, but this method is the easiest way to get money. Look ‘em up!

  4. Donate Plasma and/or sperm. You may have heard about this option for those who don’t have time to get a job. For men, you can make around $100 a session for donating sperm, but it’s a long process to earn that money, sometimes lasting a month. You need to be COMPLETELY clean to earn through this method. For the plasma route, you can get the money right after your donation, but the payment isn’t as high and you only have so much to give before running out.

  5. Working as a bartender. We love bartenders. Bartenders are awesome. Who wouldn’t want to be awesome? Being a bartender gives you the power to serve alcohol to anyone you want, when you want, the way you want. It can give you a lot of extra money through tips during busy nights. If you want to get paid – this is A JOB.

A few months or a year after earning extra dough from these jobs, you will have saved enough for a property of your own provided you have a source of steady income. You can start looking for possible houses online like the properties for sale on McGrath.

What other extra moneymaking methods have you tried or know of? Share it with us!

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