Effective product packaging is a vital component of brand success. There are so many different products on the market it is extremely unlikely that your product will be a unique one. But that doesn’t mean your chances of success are limited. It simply means that you must work hard with your packaging design to stand out from the crowd and really attract customers’ attention. Here are some key tips to think about when you are developing your packaging design.

1. Understand Your Customer

Before you do anything about designing a logo or planning which materials to use for your packaging you need to know who you are marketing your product to. What does your ideal customer do? How much do they spend on your product? What are their hobbies or their work? How do they shop? Once you know your audience you will find it easier to design your packaging with their needs in mind.

2. Display the Benefits

Don’t just think about how good your product is; think about how it benefits your customer. And then make sure you have communicated these specific benefits to your customers. In essence, your packaging shouldn’t just show generic benefits but the specific selling points that will make your customers buy.

3. Explore Your Options

Since packaging design is such an important part of your marketing strategy it is important you get it right. Unless you have a lot of experience designing packaging it is a good idea to work with packaging design companies to explore all of the options you have available in design. Develop a few different packaging options and work out which option stands out most, and which most effectively communicates the benefits of the product. It is important that you think about what looks best to your customers and not necessarily what you like.

4. Look at the Competition

Look at what is already on the market and whose products your product will be next to. How does yours compare? Will it be noticeably different from other products but still be recognisably in the same niche?

5. Design for the Entire Brand

Think about how the design of one product can be extended across a brand for when you introduce new lines. It is important to have a design that is transferable in some respects, as this will make it easier to extend your presence across the market.

Image: Image courtesy of interphasesolution/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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