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Live Blogging: Schwarzer deal dying on deadline day 28

Posted on August 31, 2010 by JamieSanderson

Welcome to transfer deadline day 2010. Arsenal are still on the market for new players and there looks set to be some outs, with some of the club’s younger players hoping to seal experience building loan moves.

You can follow live real time updates right here on The Goon Blog brought to you by editor Martin Cafferty, along with Young Guns editor Jamie Sanderson who will look to guide you through and give expert opinion on the young players who could leave.

Feel free to get in touch with the guys by leaving a comment in the live updates section. They’ll read out the best and hope to answer all your questions. Alternatively you can tweet Jamie at @YoungGunsBlog and Martin at @thegoonblog Enjoy!


It’s looking more and more likely Schwarzer will sign 24

Posted on August 30, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Yesterday, it is said an agreement was close between Man City goalkeeper Shay given and Fulham – if this goes through Mark Schwarzer will make the short move across London to join Arsenal. It looks like it will be a loan deal, not a permanent one.

The Daily Mail ran with a somewhat unsubstantiated story about the possible transfer and with people in the football world, journalists and former players alike, saying Mark is on his way to Arsenal it makes you think that the likelihood of it happening is more likely than not. Someone also said to me Sky Sports ran a similar story but I can’t confirm this, I was working all day.

I received a mail early on yesterday claiming that a deal between Man City and Shay Given was very close and in its final stages before completion, Mark Hughes comments after the Fulham draw on Saturday did little to dispel noises that Given was indeed on his way: -

‘Mark Schwarzer has made it clear that he would like to go to Arsenal so we are trying to look at other options. I’m always interested in quality players and Shay Given is a quality player. Make of that what you will. But I have said that if we can’t get anyone else in, Schwarzer will have to stay.’

Speaking yesterday, Arsene Wenger said:

“It is dead at the moment, but maybe not finished”

I would think, and I’m speculating on this bit, that the only issue would be wages – Fulham probably couldn’t afford the wages that Shay is on now at Man City so some sort of compromise; AKA a pay-cut, will have to take place. Alternatively City would have to subsidize the wages so Fulham don’t turn themselves bankrupt by trying to pay wages they can’t afford.

One thing that might hurry this along is that the keeper who looked able to fill Schwarzer’s sizable shoes, the young David Stockdale, has suffered ankle ligament damage and looks like spending up to two months on the sidelines – Fulham have no other goalkeeping option with the quality to play in goal in the Premier League so they have to look elsewhere, if they can’t find a goalkeeper, or the Shay Given deal somehow manages to fall through then as Mark Hughes said; no move will happen.

However like I said, it seems that a deal is very close for Given to move to Fulham on loan – I’m expecting a bit of news tomorrow that hinges on an event in the morning. I’m working so won’t be able to update the site if this event happens (and no, its not a medical), I will probably come back with an update in the late afternoon.

Now choose to believe this or not – this is not being ‘reported’ as fact and this is just me passing you something that has been made available to me. It does fit with what seems to be happening, so I thought it might be of interest.

For a deal to materialise I do think that steps have to be made today so it might get quite interesting, one thing I do not buy is the notion of Manuel Almunia leaving the club now – he was the last to leave the pitch at Blackburn and he did throw his shirt/gloves/armband into the crowd but its most likely he was just thanking them for their support. He had a very good game.

So with less than 48 hours left in the transfer window lets see what happens….


Blackburn thoughts | Wilshere was ‘peacemaker’ say Police 26

Posted on August 29, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Blackburn 1-2 Arsenal

Yesterdays game against Blackburn showed why defensive coaching is so important, and thankfully a week of intense preparation for the aerial bombardment from our opponents paid off. There was a strange assurance about the defence that has been absent for a long time – there was still the time for the defensive cock-up that would lead to a goal – but that aside it was a very promising performance which many positives can be taken from.

Theo Walcott is on fire and bursting with confidence, I would stretch so far as to say that the goal yesterday is more important than the three he scored against Blackpool, it shows that he has built on last week and kept up the same quality of performance which is fantastic to see. He might well be finally coming of age and whilst I am making no comparison in the quality stakes here, it was a similar age to where Cristiano Ronaldo started to come into his own. For any stray Mancs or Madrid fans who are lost and ended up on this site, let me make myself abundantly clear: I am not comparing Theo to Ronaldo, just the stages where they have seemingly both started to improve.

Manuel Almunia also had a fine game, he made his mind up quickly and it looked like there was much better communication between goalkeeper and center-backs. They knew that job they each had to do and it worked very well. For the Blackburn goal the core of the team were a little lackadaisical and far more than just Laurent Koscielny were to blame for Diouf getting into the position he did and the other Diouf doing the same, and scoring. Two runs were not picked up on and Gael Clichy had a bit of an up and down game, the marking side of his game is clearly a weakness that needs work but hopefully that will improve and it doesn’t prove to be our downfall again. Both Alex Song and Robin van Persie had chances to stop the run for the Blackburn goal and latterly, Koscielny should have gone to ground or, I hate to say it, clattered Diouf to stop him getting any further. Hadj Diouf is a tosser and a kick would do him no harm.

The main concern from the game will be over van Persie’s brilliant ability to get injuries.  Both his ankles were heavily strapped before the game and it was only two very innocuous incidents of contact that left him on the floor – you do have to wonder if his career will end up being one of what might have been, he has all the quality and talent in the world but just can’t stay fit. The two incidents in question were not even tackles, just light taps on the ankle.

Overall, we dealt with Blackburn’s physical game very well I thought – didn’t give away many cheap free-kicks and importantly the players did not panic – even when Dunne had a clear shot on goal in the final ten minutes there was no rush of blood to the head, it was all dealt with confidence and coolness. All in all, very impressive.

Its a great start to the season, earning a point at Liverpool in the dying minutes, smashing six past Blackpool at home and now away at a team where we always struggle a bit, we win and defend with conviction. Nine goals in three games with two conceded is not to shabby at all and after drawing Spurs in the League Cup yesterday there is an early chance for revenge after our loss at WHL at the end of last season – things are looking up.

Just as we are getting a decent bit of momentum going we have to pause for a poxy little international break, whilst it is annoying it also gives players a chance to gain a bit more match fitness and the ones who are not on international duty can prepare for the home game against Bolton in a couple of weeks time.

It has been a very encouraging start to the season.

Wilshere arrest… release on bail & statement…..

In the early hours of this morning 18 year old Jack Wilshere was arrested after an altercation in the street that has left a woman with a broken arm and a man with minor face injuries, according to the Police. It is said that Jack was acting as a ‘peacemaker’ and is only helping the Police with their inquiries as to what actually happened.

“The police have made it very clear that he is an important witness to the incident and played the role of peacemaker and is unlikely to face any charges as a result. Jack has made it very clear he will co-operate fully with the police investigation.”

Whatever the case the fact that he was out at quarter to three in the morning is not going to sit well with the boss but it has to be said there are two sides to every story so we will just have to see what occurs. It could be far worse, he could have actually been involved in the confrontation which is not exactly rare with certain England footballers. He does have an attitude and it does show sometimes but he is a kid with good secure family background so that will help keep him grounded which isn’t easy when you have already made your full England debut whilst many people of that age are still in school education.

Right, enough of that.

Enjoy your Sunday


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