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Arshavin gunner be a gonner? 6

Posted on May 31, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

I’ve been away from the media for a few days, fed up of rhetoric from the windbags that are the tabloid newspaper gossip column’s the phrase ‘Mugabe media lockdown’ might be apt.

But hey, normal service now resumes what better way to make a comeback than enter into the dizzying world of transfer speculation once again? – well, there is sod all else to ramble on about.

Spanish media outlets (gotta be fake then, right?) have claimed that Andrey Arshavin has pretty much handed himself onto a plate to Barcelona for a transfer this summer, given the guy is money orientated and has said on more than one occasion that Barcelona are his dream club (Arsenal are obviously Barca-lite), you can see elements of the story that could be very realistic. It has not been reported over here but it might just be a matter of time with the focus on the World Cup and chasing Cesc Fabregas out of the club.

The thing is with Arshavin is that he is an amazing player – but only when he wants to be. Looking at his contribution last season all us Arsenal fans were a little disappointed but in the context of his career it was about right, he has never had amazing stats.

He gave everything when he was made the focal point when all our other forwards had limbs dropping off and he is a tough little fella, you just need to look back to the time when he played on with a gash in his foot and had it stitched up at half time and told it was best if he came off. He carried on as only he would, and scored.

He is world class when he decides he is going to be, the only problem is that he doesn’t seem to want to be world class all the time.

For what it is worth I think he will be here again next season, you can hold me to that if you like.. just like you can hold me to the statement I made about Cesc Fabregas still being here on September the 1st – the latest on that in a while.

Is it just me or do the media seem to have the ‘Arsenal’ and ‘Barcelona soft keys on their paper writing computers stuck? Fabregas, Clichy, Song, Bendtner and Arshavin ALL mentioned in the same sentence as ‘Barca bid for Arsenal player [...]‘

I’m speaking for a lot of people when I say I have had enough of all this, you also have to note that since we announced the arrival of Chamakh there hasn’t been any movement on the incoming player front – just the same old column filler names that will never take pride of place on the back of an Arsenal shirt and rightly so.

_ _ _

Cesc saga… Pro-Barcelona paper AS are reporting that Arsene Wenger will have the final say on the future of Cesc Fabregas, it seems that the boss is emerging as the key player in all this – Cesc himself has left his future in his safe hands. He is happy to stay at Arsenal, very happy. Remember the comments that caused the kerfuffle? He said he would love to stay here, or words to that effect.

Again… take from this what you will. My mind hasn’t changed.

Lets hope for an end to this soon, eh. Things are a bit grim at the moment.

Theres rumour after rumour about Joe Cole signing on a free.. the Daily Star think its a done deal – they also probably think Elvis isn’t dead and quite frankly I wouldn’t believe them if they were the last paper on earth.

Will he join? Not in my book.


Doubts over the futures of Sol + Vela 8

Posted on May 27, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Morning all,

There is a lot of stuff about players leaving today, more-so than players coming in – more on what Cesc has said later but two players we thought would be part of the squad for next season have said they are open to other offers.

Carlos Vela seems to be fed up with sitting on the bench and I can understand why, he has a lot of talent but he has not earned a place in the side in the past two seasons – we have seen his talent in the FA Cup and occasionally in the League, but he has just not done enough. The stakes have been too high to push him into the action and the bottom line is he just hasn’t looked good enough for Arsenal so far.

His comments suggest he is playing to put himself in the shop window this summer with Wigan being the destination of his choice, their manager Roberto Martinez reportedly being a big fan. The Mexican said:

Having a good World Cup can open many doors, if not at Arsenal, we’ll see where.”

To be quite honest with you I wouldn’t mind if he left… be it a season long loan at the DW stadium or a more permanent transfer -  we should pick up a decent fee for him considering he signed a new long-term contract during this season.

What hasn’t endeared him to me is the fact he stuck his oar in in the whole Cesc Fabregas situation, its is no business of his and the word’s ‘no’ and ‘comment’ seem to come to mind:

“He will be going back to his country and it is good for him, it is difficult for big players, they want to win trophies and play in games like the Champions League final. I’m sure he’s disappointed we have not won anything for five years.”

Why get involved? Why? Carlos should be on the training ground trying to break into the team not sitting giving interviews on issues that don’t concern him at all. Cesc is far more important to this club than Carlos – the over-hyped wonder-kid that lacks a work ethic, loses his passport and looks a bit tubby.

It also seems as if Sol Campbell is looking at other options for next season where he might get a few more games – its understandable but I think its important we keep him, for cover and for the younger players that can learn so much from him. Celtic have given him an offer and he has said:

“I’ve spoken with Neil about moving to Celtic and I’ve been impressed with what he had to say.

“Celtic is a serious option for me. We’re talking, although we haven’t yet discussed figures. Nothing is set in stone. I know Celtic are a massive club. I have to consider them. You can’t ignore it when such a fantastic club makes their interest known.”

Its a club that will have European football next year and a guaranteed title challenge due to the lack of decent clubs in Scotland – it must be appealing from a footballing perspective as the financial aspect of things probably don’t become such an issue at this stage of the career. I can still see him staying here and his future should be sorted soon.

At this stage I would put an online bet on Sol Campbell staying and Vela going out on loan – but the summer is young and there is a long time left for minds to be changed and heads turned… especially after the World Cup in the case of Carlos Vela. If it tickles your fancy you could have an online bet on stories like this and if they do leave, you could pocket some money to soften the blow. It’s always worth taking in some betting advice too so you get the most out of your money…

I have heard a lot of disgruntled fans recently, some even talking of jacking in their season tickets because of the way they are treated by the club… the on pitch matters last season and the Cesc situation will worsen that anger and I will bring some thoughts to the table in the next few days on that subject. Ticket sales are the key to the Arsenal future plan – they need to keep those people on side because it could really mess things up if people start turning against the club.. the noisy disgruntled section is growing all too quickly.

_ _ _

There isn’t much around today (27th), at the moment at least. Ill update if anything interesting happens…

Til then


Bendtner dreams of joining Barca or Madrid & still has groin injury 35

Posted on May 26, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

I have picked up on a non widely known interview carried out by a Norwegian paper with Nicklas Bendtner – it is so very unlike our trusting tabloid journalists not to pick up on this. This is the first time this interview has been reported in the British press.

To be honest, there is one thing in the interview we just didn’t want to hear with what else is going on, so this is your chance to get the news without all the tabloid spin.

When asked about what club he would most like to play for its perfectly clear its not Arsenal…

“My dream is to be a striker for one of the two biggest clubs in Spain, Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think it’s possible and I will leave to the one that suits most”

Oh, how lovely Nicklas… So there you have it – not twisted by some rag but straight from the source from an Arsenal blog – a source I linked to in the first few words.

I think I should state the the translation wasn’t the clearest and if there is anyone out there that can give me a better word for word translation it would be greatly appreciated but after consulting someone with knowledge of the Norwegian language, its a pretty good translation I have there.

He also revealed he is struggling with an injury to the same groin he had an operation on in the 3-4 month lay off in the season just gone – this may validate reports I heard that he had been playing through the pain barrier through the end of the season, where he of course got a fair few very important goals for us (at the time anyway), one of them ironically against Barcelona.

However he said he will definitely play in the World Cup, despite having personal physiotherapy sessions to keep the injury manageable:

“I guarantee it [playing in the World Cup], of course I hope I end up top scorer in the competition”

I admit, the player is one of my favourites – yes you read that right. I like his attitude and the way he has gone about proving the doubters wrong, and he will end up a class player mark my words. But, whatever the motive of this interview you really have to question why he has said those things.. there is always the chance that paper have created everything – but would they have access to such pictures (like the one top right) if they made everything up?

Of course, we had the usual statement that he will be one of the worlds best in a few years:

“I hope to be a fantastic footballer and that everyone is talking about me as one of the best strikers in the world”

For what it is worth… I think it will happen.


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