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Adidas to take over from Nike / Emirates sponsorship

Posted on February 15, 2010 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Well, there has hardly been a dearth of Arsenal news over the past few days – but the little of it has been off the field. First of all I just want to clear something up. At the end of my previous post I said ‘who the hell is gonna read this anyway’ and it sparked quite a response. It was not a dig at readers, it was said thinking that nobody would be interested in the tired ramblings of an Arsenal fan – I was wrong, so thanks! Your comments are always appreciated.

Anyway, it seems news has become so desperate that fans have taken to mocking up fake home kits for next season, and sticking on the subject of kits, there are rumours of Adidas taking over as our kit manufacturer when the Nike contract expires. I like the Adidas kits, the Nike ones seem very samish and there is not much choice with the templates they offer.

We need to negotiate a much better deal than we have with a few recently though, an example of this I will be moving onto now.

Emirates, our sponsors, are every increasing their sponsorship of football teams, the latest being AC Milan, of whom they will pay $82 million over a period of four years, Emirates will pay us $156 million over fifteen years. You do the maths. Its not a good deal, it looks even worse when you look at AC Milan’s performances over the past few seasons.

Maybe if we had better sponsorship deals we wouldn’t have to be so stingy with the spending? Just a thought anyway…

AC Milan will probably now play in the Emirates Cup in August, last year there were no real eye catching teams when we have had the likes of Inter, Real Madrid and Juve in the past, two of them in one Cup a few years back. Lets get the glamour back.

David Seaman gives Manuel Almunia a boost of confidence. I suppose if anyone knows about goalkeeping its that guy.

Right, more team news tomorrow, Til then.

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