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Arsenal’s first departures of the summer and Blatter strikes again 6

Posted on June 30, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com


one of the first things I have seen today is this, ‘ANDRIY IS SHAVIN A LAUGH‘ possibly one of the worst titles ever and definitely the worst article I have ever seen published by a newspaper that is supposed to be one of the most read in the UK. This total and utter piece of shit consisted of these words:

“ANDREY ARSHAVIN has stunned Arsenal by revealing he wants to play for Barcelona.
The Russian striker, 28, who joined the Gunners in a £16.9m deal five months ago, said: “If I have the chance to play for Barcelona, I’d be really happy.”

That is it, complete, the article. A quote made up, a random name from Arsenal Football Club, mix them together, top it off with a shit headline and BAM. Theres a story fit for Britains population to read.

Its like they walk into the office and think “Hey! Lets make something up!” You know like a little child gets bored and decided to do some painting? Saying Sun journalists have the intelligence of a little child is actually quite a big insult….. to the child that is.

It seems our first departures of the summer have occured, gladly, they will not effect the club in the slightest. Three players named Abu Ogogo, Paul Rodgers and Jonas Rasmussen. Ogogogogogogo and Rodgers have been released because they are not good enough and Rasmussen has had his pro forms terminated and paid off until the end of his contract. Nice little nest egg there. You may have read my run in with Paul Rodgers, who in fairness, seems a twat.

Wenger has talked a little about the Real Madrid spending policy… Not interesting at all to be honest, doesn’t bother me unless they are trying to steal, tap-up, abduct or kidnap any of our players. Any team with the backing of a countries government is going to have access to crazy cash.

Serial cunt Sepp Blatter has again had a moan about foreign ownership in the Premiership, he said:

“In France, Germany and Spain there are by-laws that say owners must be from the same country. This does not exist in the Premier League and it is a problem we must address.

He got the second bit right though:

“We have no right to interfere in economic movements. We, the whole FIFA family, are aware of this.”

So shut up and fuck off back to your xenophobic lair then you fat balding fudgepacker. I think I have made my viewpoint totally clear in that past sentence.

Right, thats your lot for another day.

More tomorrow.


Hands up who had heard of Felipe Melo before this summer? 9

Posted on June 29, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Morning all,

the Felipe Melo rumours have gone into overdrive today after the Confederation Cup drew to a conclusion yesterday, over the past few weeks this Melo guy has gone from being a total unknown to Arsenal fans, to being one of the first names on their lips when they think of new signings.

Its not like he has set the world on fire either, the closest he has come to that is being a virtually ever present in the referee’s notebook with something like 16 yellow cards and 3 red cards last season. Now, that is a LOT of cards and suspensions.

The guy is 26 and has not played a great deal of football at the highest level, one season at Fiorentina, one season at Almeria and two seasons at Racing Santander.

On one hand he is the type of player we should be looking at but on the other hand he is not proven at the very highest level, there are doubts over his discipline and from what I saw this summer in the Confederations Cup, he has a tendency to go missing sometimes and let the game pass him by.

All this moaning can be argued against though, remember when we brought Gilberto Silva? All he had behind him was a few games in the Brazillian league and he was around the same age as Melo.

If we do go for him it will be a shot in the dark and a massive step up from what is the weakest Italian league in memory, it will be a big test of his abilities but will Wenger risk ‘killing’ Denilson, Diaby or Alex Song? I’m not so sure. In fact, I would not be suprised to not see any additions in central midfield this summer…I just have a niggily feeling.

If the call from Wenger does happen, Brazillian compatriot Gilberto Silva has told him to jump at the chance of playing for us:

“We heard rumours and he asked me, I said it’s a fantastic club and if he’s interested he should go without thinking.

“He is exactly what they need – a powerful player with quality. If they got him it would be great because he is a player they need at the moment.

“I’m sure if they got him it would be a good signing. I have told him Arsenal is a great club and I am sure next season they will improve.”

Gilberto was immense last night, he still has class in abundance and it seems strange that Wenger let him go for such a measly amount of money, we saw Senna for Villarreal earlier this year and he is being valued at over 10 million whilst being a similar age, Gilberto is just as good and we let him go for something like 1 million. A Wenger mistake? I think so.

Right, more tomorrow.


Benzema won’t come to Arsenal 12

Posted on June 28, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Let me say this now. Karim Benzema will not move to Arsenal.

1) He is too expensive

2)He is too expensive

3)He is too expensive

4)Arsene Wenger will always be linked with every single French striker wanting a move

5)Its the NOTW

So thats that cleared up nicely then.

It really does baffle you that people actually get paid to dream this stuff up, how is is legal to write lies about people? One day, one of these shitty papers will get their arses sued and I can’t fucking wait. Hit the Murdoch cuntorama where it will really hurt….the pocket.

There is a pretty good interview in the NOTW with Robin van Persie who talks about his new dicipline and his urge to win things with this team and become the worlds best footballer. Not much then?  It basically covers the change he has made from the moody Macdonald’s breakfast eating bad boy to the guy who doesn’t drink, eat red meat or even drink ice cold drinks because they will not help you get that extra percent.

I have to say, his attitude is fantastic these days and he is committed to the club, he wants to stay.

Next week the NOTW will run an exclusive claiming he is off to Inter or Barca. That says it all.

More tomorrow.


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