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A little bit of Theo to brighten up your Sunday Comments Off

Posted on May 31, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Morning all.

I’m getting into the swing of the whole summer break blogging thing, the only slight relief from this daily torture is an interview with Theo by the News of the World.

Basically he talks about the worst things he has ever done, which turn out to be decking some kid who nicked his football and dodging a train fare.

Actually, on second thoughts I’m not just going to rehash quotes. See the interview here.

Basically the interview confirms what we already know about Theo, he is a pro who has always taken his career seriously, he is a village lad and lives a pretty sheltered life.

Michael Calvin thinks that Pep Guardiola is a future Arsenal boss. Hmmm, it makes a change from headlines saying our boss is doing a runner to Spain, I suppose.

I also have a theft to draw your attention to. Lasagnechef over at fellow Arsenal blog The Cannon has had his Highbury turf stolen by his gardener.

And thats it… What more can one say?

’till tomorrow.


Bendtner to be the main man up front next season? 9

Posted on May 30, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com


There is a grand total of fuck all to talk about today, you have a choice; Bendtner wanting a new contract, more Cesc to Barca crap or… actually, thats it.

As im feeling extra generous I’ll talk about both of them.

Bendtner has had an up and down season, he is a player with the capability to score big, match winning goals but one who has had to seemingly overcome his own arrogance and win over the fans. He has done this in the second half of the season and has one of the best goals to minutes ratios in the Premiership. As I said before he is a player who stands up when he is really needed, he does grab vital goals and gives us a target to lump balls up to when we need to resort to that kind of play, Nikky is probably the best header of a ball at the club bar none.

He wants to extend his contract (it currently ends in 2012 I think) and hopefully it is something Arsene gets sorted over the summer, though it will be low on his priorities lost. It seems that we are seemingly playing hardball with van Persie so whether Bendtner skips a few pay brackets will remain to be seen. Speaking about the chance of extending his stay in North London he said:

It is of course a priority of mine to prolong my contract, and I have never said anything else, for me it is of course sweet to receive the backing from the manager, and I hope to stay at the club for a long time.”

These are rather different quotes than some that appeared last season when he wanted more playing time and refused to pledge his future to the club, so this eagerness to seal a new contract is very positive indeed because he really does have talent and it could be a sign that Arsene sees him as the main man up front in the future.

Now onto the latest mundane crap about Cesc and its a similar situation to what Arsene found himself in a week or so ago when asked about Real Madrid. I will give you a rough overview of what Cesc might actually have said:

Reporter: So Cesc, do you think that any player in world football would want to play for a team that has just won the Spanish League, Spanish Cup and the Champions League and has the best three forwards in world football, backed up by Iniesta (worlds best player in my view) and Xavi in midfield?

Cesc: They are probably the best team that I have seen play in history and I have a lot friends there who are always telling me great things. Of course, you feel envy in a healthy way because of the way they play football. Everyone’s dream would be to play in a team like this.

And they get paid for making these shitty headlines up? Fucking hell.

Right, I have managed to write 500 words on bugger all. Maybe I should become a journalist?

’till tomorrow.


How to turn Arsenal into the English Barca 15

Posted on May 29, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Right, this is going to be one of the only posts of this nature I ever do.

How can Arsenal turn into the English Barca?

One similarity between both teams is the style of football they play, both sides play slick passing games and hate to vary from that. The main difference however is the cutting edge Barca possess, Iniesta and Xavi are two of the worlds best central midfielders and they are positioned either side of the ‘enforcer’ in Yaya Toure or Busquets. Their passing ability is almost superior to any other player in world football, add that to the side having the best forward three seen in footballing history and you have one almighty attacking force.

Messi, Henry, Eto’o.

Defenders will see that line up and the creativity behind it and think one thing. Oh fuck.

If Arsenal played with this formation, and I think they can, they could re-create a similar sort of game to that of Barcelona.

Ponder this midfield and strikeforce.


van Persie—–Bendtner/Eduardo—–Arshavin

In that team there is so much interchangeability that opposition players will not know who to pick up, Fabregas and Nasri can change over, van Persie, Bendtner, Eduardo and Arshavin can all play in each others positions as well. It would be a nightmare for defenders to deal with. Also, every single one of those players is prepared to run their arse off for the team and that is a very, very important part of any teams success. Just look at Barca the other night, Henry, Eto’o and Messi all did their share of the tracking back and Iniesta and Xavi were willing to start attacks from the edge of their own D.

This is one of the reasons I feel that Wenger will concentrate spending his money on the defence this summer because that is where we really fell short this season, we have let in far, far too many sloppy goals at important times. To be honest I would be happy seeing a totally new center back pairing next season, Kolo is a legend but is not a patch on the player he used to be whilst Gallas is class, but rumours don’t go away about him leaving and his silence is deafening in my view.

Right, now its your turn. Could this formation work in England and with the players we have?

Over to you.

Till tomorrow.


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