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A big day in the future of Arsenal occured yesterday 1

Posted on March 31, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

You know that stupid, stupid game i was supposed to play in last night? Well i wish i didn’t because I’ve got a massive swelling around the side of my foot and my god does it hurt….still, i have a blog to write.

You may remember in December of last year i made contact with a source that gave me information towards a takeover by Stan Kroenke, possibly being in the summer of this year. Weeks later, Lady Nina left. Now there has been another significant happening. At the time i wrote:

Fiszman will probably leave in 2009/2010

He has just sold a massive chunk of his stake in the club, but can you believe a man that only stays in this country 90 nights a year to avoid tax? Tax exiles are not welcome on these shores in my view and i certainly do not trust them. Read Fiszman’s statement here.

The official statement can be found here, and you can also find the statement by the AST clicking here.

Now, personally i think Kroenke will eventually take over the club with the blessing of the current board and to be honest i would much rather him take over the club than that walrus looking Uzbek bastard.

Ivan Gazidis seems a very good man, one of the best at the club and i trust what he says, on the issue he stated exactly what occurred yesterday:

Yes. Danny Fiszman, who is a long-time member of our Board, has sold 5,000 of his shares to Stan Kroenke, who joined the Board in September. That represents about eight per cent of Arsenal Football Club and takes Danny’s holding down to 16 per cent and Stan’s goes up to around 20 per cent.

And on the daily running of the club he commented:

No, it’s business as usual. It’s a transaction between two Board members, both of whom believe in the philosophy of the Club, the self-sustaining philosophy on a day-to-day level. It has absolutely no impact at all.

I think we are going to be in for a very interesting summer in the Arsenal backroom i have to say. I think we are going to be taken over sooner rather than later, and if Danny Fiszman claims he is an Arsenal fan then why the hell would he do a transaction of this magnitude at such a stage in the season?

What made it so urgent?

All he wants is money, that is simple from the fact that he is a tax exile. Arsenal supporter? My arse.

I would welcome your thoughts on a takeover of Arsenal by Stan Kroenke, Walrus face, Mickey Mouse..anyone. What are your views on a potential takeover of our club? Drop me a comment and get debating amongst yourself because this really does split opinion. Do give this article a read through again.

Right folks I’m going to leave it at that for today. I’m in agony…agony i tell you!

More in the injuries to Van Persie and Bendtner tomorrow, it goes without saying i am nothing short of livid.

Til then, t’ra.


All Hull City are after is money from Arsenal 2

Posted on March 30, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Morning all. How do you interpret this from Hull chairman Paul Duffen?

“if there was an accommodation between the football clubs, that would be an elegant way of moving forward”

Right lets just pretend Cesc did spit at Horton.

What could be an ‘accommodation’ between the two clubs? Maybe it could be an apology from Cesc….but that would draw more media attention and that would hardly be an ‘elegant way of moving forward’, would it?

On first, second and third looks the meaning behind that sentence is: “give us a few hundred thousand and this issue will just, simply…disappear. The report to the FA this morning will just get…lost in the mail”.

Now, back to reality. Cesc Fabregas deserves the players, clubs and fans unequivocal support, there is no evidence against him and his actions since the claim have been those of a decent, respectful young man. He has been repeatedly bombarded with accusations from Horton, Brown, Hull City FC and the cretinous media, he has not once hit out at anyone, all he has done is reaffirm his innocence despite numerous attempts to dirty his character.

First Brown performed a character assassination of our club captain and the club in front of national television with millions of viewers.

Secondly they dug up the Ballack video: Bayern Munich and Fabregas have both said nothing happened.

This whole thing reeks of trying to hurt Arsenal Football Club for sending Hull City crashing out of the FA Cup in the quarter finals, Hull are not the most financially secure club in the league, add that to the threat of relegation, the recession and missing out on a big pay day at Wembley you can see why they are trying to blag a bit of money out of us.

Its not the actions of Cesc Fabregas the FA should be investigating; its the actions of the chairman, manager and assistant manager of Hull City Football Club.

Oh and one last thing: If they wanted the whole thing over and done with as they so claim, why ask for an extension to the deadline for the ‘report’ they are filing? Hmmmm.

Moving on: it seems Mark Randall is on his way out of Arsenal. From watching him personally and talking to Sanderson from Youngguns.wordpress.com last week it looks like he is not going to make it at Arsenal. He has been compared to David Bentley in his attitude and whilst i do not by any means want to criticise a 19 year old’s personality whom i have never met, that is not the example to follow. His performances for the reserves have been appalling of late and with a poor disciplinary record i think he will be off on loan for the rest of the season and then sold in the summer. Its never nice to see a player fall short but i do hope he goes on to have a good career if he doesn’t quite make the grade.

Andriy Shevchenko talks about Andrei Arshavin‘s talent. He knows what he is talking about, shame he moved to chelsea.

This is the best article i have read in a long time, a touching and very real recollection of the most important and fateful season in English football history. Worth a read – trust me.

Onto injuries, the word around is that Niklas Bendtner had a knee problem before the game on Saturday for Denmark, if that is true it is sure to piss off Arsene because its out of order and it will be a setback to a player who was really starting to make an impact. More on that tomorrow when there will be more information on the extent of his problem.

They have broken him and will now send him home:

“There is a high probability that we must send him home to England,”

Thanks Denmark, you really know how to build a good club/country relationship don’t you? Muppets.

Fabregas just can’t seem to get out the limelight at the moment, there is a storm brewing between Arsenal and Real Madrid by the look of things here. Arsene threatened to sue Real Madrid for illegally talking to Fabregas about a move without Arsenal’s permission in the summer of 2007. It is claimed Fabregas talked about it to a Spanish newspaper but i am not sure on the reliability and timing of these comments and i will have a look round to check they are legitimate and recent. I do not want to have a full scale bitch at a club when its an event from nearly three years ago.

But if i find this is true holy mother of God i will have a full scale rant/bitch/verbal explosion right here on this blog.

Oh don’t i just hate the Spanish press and Spanish football clubs…

Just to put everything into perspective on Monday morning, 19 people have died at the Ivory Coast match due to a crush and a stampede due to a collapsed wall. Terrible, brings back images of Hillsborough.

Right, try to enjoy your Monday. Ive got a whole heap of stuff to do including a 5-a-side game that will almost certainly result in one hell of a beating for my team. By god i can’t wait!

Oooops is that my hamstring gone? Shame that…

’til tomorrow


Sunday: The day of rest + Togonator returns 5

Posted on March 29, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Happy Sunday to you all. Sadly I can’t bring you any decent news so this might not last too long, lets see how it goes.

Adebayor returned to action with Togo last night and scored after eleven minutes, he then went on to miss a penalty. Hopefully that doesn’t do his confidence much damage as a sharp Adebayor would be a great help to end the season, especially after Bendtner limped off yesterday.

What did I say about Fabregas yesterday? Just read the last title.

Look at all the bullshit articles:


2 (breaks the journalism shit record that was held by the NOTW before this)


You probably catch the drift by now, they are all rubbish. Cesc is staying, end of.

1:00 Update: Van Persie went off injured last night for Holland in the game against Scotland, its only believed to have been a precaution and he should be fine. Lets hope so eh? An injury to him right now could be very, very inconvenient to say the least.

Cesc has been speaking about the title and it not being impossible – i think the quotes are rehashed from a few months ago from when he was talking about Andrey Arshavin. If it has been said recently its an admirable attitude but to be realistic we don’t stand a cat in hells chance of getting even close to the title this season. Sad though it sounds.

This is appalling, i really do hate the international break. Why can’t they just put it into one big lump in the calendar, get rid of the EURO’s and replace it with a world cup qualifying tournament? It would be so much easier and would save our players getting crocked for no reason against Azerbaijan, Scotland and Lithuania and the likes.

Lets just hope that Bendtner and Van Persie are alright for next weekend.

Thats it today im afraid, im not really one for making things up unlike a certain newspaper.

’til tomorrow


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