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Arshavin, Arshavin Oh How We Need Thee 9

Posted on January 31, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Ive said this before. We were as toothless as a 99 year old granny who has lost her dentures.

We need Andrei Arshavin, and after Diaby’s injury there really is no excuse now.

We started without Van Persie as a booking would have him out of the Tottenham game next week, a game i think we will lose. In defence we had the pertnership that Wenger has said does not work, IF IT DOES NOT WORK WHY PLAY THEM?


Its plain to see we do.

Im a very very fustrated Arsenal fan because if we had offered Flamini a new contract that he would accept, this season could have been one of the easiest League wins under Wengers tenure.

What we lacked was creativity and without Van Persie you would find bricks more creative than this side, this isnt going to be the most fluent match report ive ever done because quite frankly im angry, fustrated and fed up.

Ive just heard Arsene Wenger say ‘we defended well’, we did not have anything of note to defend, if we had conceded in that game though im sure there would have been loud shouts for him to go, certain blogs might ask for that anyway.

Wenger has also said that we gave everything but its really not enough at all, we are lacking quality and we cant make excuses about injuries because every single team has to put up with them. Chelsea have had injuries, Liverpool have had injuries, Man Utd have had injuries, Aston Villa have had injuries. We are not alone in having them. We just need depth in strength.

We have not even won half our games this season. How does that feel?

We are five points behind Villa and we are starting to run out of time here, we are passing up opportunities to get back above them, quite literally.

I am so fed up.

Why was Adebayor kept on the field and Bendtner taken off, he was playing much better than Adebayor who missed two guilt edged chances.

This is a call out to Arsenal, seal that Arshavin deal. Do it for the fans, you CAN afford it, you can afford 80K a week for him and i can pretty much garuntee that he will offer more for that money than Adebayor at the moment.

Im pig sick of these results, sod the unbeaten run. I don’t care that we have kept it up, this team is not good enough Arsene.

At least one kid did us proud today.

Rant over.


Lachter In London – Arshavin Arrival On Monday? 2

Posted on January 31, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Its going absolutely mental tonight, people texting Lachter, Sky Sports doing their bit to get us all excited then let us all down, commenter’s claiming they have had texts back from Lachter.

Its mad.

Ive tried texting him myself but the message did not deliver, maybe it was user error or a duff number i don’t know, but if you want to give it a bash head to the FIFA Agents List.

Gooner Talk have been up to date throughout the whole saga, passing Russian press information onto us and contacting Lachter himself and getting answers. My advice is if you are hunting for Arshavin information go there.

I did say that i would not keep going on about the deal a few days back but it just cant be helped, transfer deals have dragged on at times but this one is unique. Its utterly mental and to be honest, its not good for the game or player involved. Its probably like this because we go by the rules.

You know what, i am not even going to guess what will happen next.  I don’t want to use my brain power on even thinking about it because ive got a bastard cold, im nackered and quite frankly, i want to sleep and not wake up until Tuesday morning.

I was going to bring you a preview but i have not been able to research too deep into anything. West Ham are on a decent run, much like us and they have that Heskey mach II in Carlton Cole up front. And he has been banging them in recently, the net that is, not the stand like he usually does.

I remember when he used to be more of a threat to birds and UFO’s than the goalkeeper. I hope he has one of those days tomorrow, might get rid of some of those bloody Pigeons around London.

I’m unsure if Wenger will change much from Wendnesday, part of me thinks he will field the strongest team possible and rest players against Cardiff at home, one thing we cant afford is to underestimate one of these two teams.

In a way every game from now on, be it against Manchester Utd, Real Madrid, Roma or Blackburn Rovers, its a cup final. In a blink of an eye this season could be an utter disaster.

Then it still has the potential to be a good one, football is a funny sport isn’t it?

One thing we can put to bed is the Central Midfield area, Wenger has made it perfectly clear he is not looking to add there.

“I believe that we have the needed quality in the middle because [Abou] Diaby develops very well and I think that [Alex] Song develops well. I don’t believe that Denilson gets the credit that he deserves at the moment.

“At the back you can see the quality of players we have like [William] Gallas and Kolo [Toure] and [Johan] Djourou, they are in their national teams and to find better players is not easy.

“I agree that people always want better players but many clubs when they want better players come to see us so that means our players are good. For example Milan wanted [Philippe] Senderos, Senderos is 22 and Milan have scouts everywhere, so that’s why I believe we have the needed quality.

“Djourou is 21 and you think he will be better and we have to give him a chance.”

Bit of an essay there, cutting the jargon that red highlighted sentence is the most important.

This season is a true test of Gooners faith and Wenger is putting his faith in his youngsters. He has given this club and its supporters great times, we have achieved things that ten years ago would have been laughed at. Wenger deserves the time to try and do this his way with no interference. He will be, and is being criticized but we will have to trust him.

I do.

Right, my two cents on Arshavin. Sod it, why not speak what i think.

Wengers comments that have appeared this evening lead me to think that we will get him, i am being ever so cautiously optimistic.

“He’s a guy who can go past people in the final third, he can have the key, individually and collectively.

“He is an experienced player, 27, a good age and we are a very young side. We will not have Fabregas in the next six to eight weeks, we will not have Walcott in the next five weeks, Rosicky in the next eight weeks.

“You can see with the replay of the FA Cup we have the desire to do well in every competition and one more body could help us.”

He does not say those things about a player that isn’t his very often.

Monday maybe, i will put a penny bet on Arshavin arriving by 3pm Monday afternoon.

There you go, knock yourself out with Arshavin-ness.

Til Tomorrow.


The Goon Blog Features Update Comments Off

Posted on January 30, 2009 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

We have a couple of new features for you readers today.

  • We have the new mail subscription feature so every time a new post is up you will receive it in your inbox. This could be handy for you people at work, college, university etc. Hopefully the swear word blockers won’t start blocking mails! You can find this just to your right hand side in the toolbar.
  • There is also the facility to get every post on your mobile phone courtesy of Natajak. To subscribe to this NOW you can click [here], or click on the picture on the right hand side toolbar.

Im informed it is fantastic for regular blog readers so enjoy the new features!

We have also got a new, more ‘retro’ banner up and in my opinion it is far better than the old one. We would love to know what you think and what you like and hate about the site so please drop us a comment or mail me at goonblogger[removethis]@googlemail.com

Thanks and i will be back later with the latest news in the world of Arsenal.


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