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May A New Year Bring New Players, New Hope And… 2

Posted on December 31, 2008 by Martin @

A better year than the last!

Our situation requires money being thrown at it and you never know… We might be close to the top come May!

We need to move forwards and take no steps back, no ‘for the greater good’ approaches and no more rubbish comments from Wenger please!

I will return tomorrow with a post but i am unable to post in the morning so you will have to get your Goonfix from this little quickie im afraid!

Thankyou for reading this past 5 months, its been great writing for you all.

Please keep visiting the site as well! Carry on posting your top 5 Arsenal transfer targets, i’ll revisit them.

To you all and those around you,

All The Best For The New Year!

It looks like its going to be a little difficult for us all in the real world but a little escapism from the real world in this blog might help a little!

Happy New Year!

Silly Season Continues With A Toure Exit Mooted, Crazy Wenger Comments Along With Bids For Arteta And Diakhate + A Failed Bid 17

Posted on December 31, 2008 by Martin @

Well now you have caught your breath back from reading that essay of a title i’ll delve right into it!

A Fair bit kicking around today and its mostly transfer speculation with no less than four names linked with arrivals and departures.

Toure is being linked with a £10 million move away from us after an apparent bust up with William Gallas; im not really sure what to make of it. It would make some sense as they are just incapable of defending together and since Toure got injured at the ACN last season he has not been half the player he once was, he is clearly overweight and is just utterly erratic. Im a massive fan of his but at the moment if there was a choice of either Gallas or Toure leaving us it would have to be Toure.

A ‘source’ close to Toure is alleged to have said:

Kolo doesn’t want to stay – he cannot stand Gallas and Gallas cannot stand him,”

“Gallas is showing him complete disrespect and Kolo believes he’s been mouthing off to Wenger about them not being able to play together and Wenger is listening to him.”

Well the fact is they cant play together, they are exactly the same type of player and they have no communication either, I dont know what is wrong with Kolo but he is not normally a player surrounded by speculation like he is at the moment and it might just mean there is something up.

This brings me onto a player we have seen twice this season in the shape of Dynamo Kiev’s Pape Diakhate. When we played against Kiev he was outstanding on both occasions, again, a £10 million price tag is on his head. Its not the sort of easy link to be made by a paper, its not a ‘Wenger eyes up Arshavin’ sort of headline. There might be an element of truth in it after last summer Wenger admitted the defence needed strengthening and then brought in Silvestre, maybe he wants a better defender this time?

Noise Is Getting Louder

Noise Is Getting Louder

In a day where the headlines seem to be a little quieter on the Arshavin links there are more realistic targets for once, one in the shape of Arteta who is in my opinion one of the best central midfielders in the Premiership. He has been in great form this season and could well be a target with a £12 million price tag suggested, it does seem a little cheap but Everton might just have to sell some players if they are to get any players in, and they are in dire need of a decent striker. Its possible i suppose and he does already boast Premier League experience but we really do need to be looking at a good defensive midfielder as a matter of urgency. I feel thats where our biggest problems lie, along with a decent winger but i’ll come back to that later on.

According to The Sport we have failed in a bid to take Veloso on loan, not in a billion years would that have ever happened! He has apparently fallen out with his boss but really, a class player like him would never be available for loan.

Going back to the subject of wingers, i do feel that we need some genuine width, we will probably have Barazite returning for the second half of the season and he is a good player out wide ive heard but he is by no means a natural wideman, we need a player in the Ashley Young mould, where we will get one i really have no idea. I don’t see any on the market either, the closest i could possibly come up with is Bastian Sweinsteiger and i really, really, hate his hair.

If we get a defensive midfielder we could find a lot of our defensive problems vanish, i think Djourou and Gallas are potentially a very good partnership, however, the defensive midfielder is a matter of urgency and i don’t know if Arsene will fix it. He doesn’t give a fig about the defence and never has done.

I hope he does now for all our sakes after Villa fluked another win tonight.

Wenger has also made some rather crazy comments about us ‘dominating’ the league, i wonder what he has been smoking because i want some! They really are crazy comments undoubtedly aimed at making his troops more confident. This kind of stuff is really starting to grate Gooners all over the place and Gooner14 has previously said to me how Wenger might be ‘losing it’ and comments like this do not dispel such opinions.

Now a question for you…

Who are your top 5 Arsenal targets and why?

leave your thoughts in the comments!

Just to get a broader prospective of things.

Anyway, back later or tomorrow.


Is Wenger About To Bring In Elano? – Arsene Admits Arsenal’s Money Worries 7

Posted on December 30, 2008 by Martin @

“We already have many young players so, if we buy, it will be somebody who is ready to play straight away. A loan deal could also be a possibility.

Elano Arriving?

Elano Arriving?

These are the words of Arsene Wenger in his programme notes from the weekends game. They back up the news that we got saying Wenger was interested in bringing in unsettled Man Citeh playmaker Elano. Wenger has admitted that the loss of Cesc, Walcott and Rosicky has left a wafer thin squad on its knees and re-inforcements are needed urgently:

“Cesc is a long way from playing again, so are Tomas Rosicky and Theo Walcott, and these are three creative players that we count on at the start of the season. So what we might need is someone who can create a little spark.”

Elano is certainly a player that is more than capable of this, i really like him and was pig sick to see him in a Citeh shirt last season. He was on fire this time a year ago and would have walked into most top teams in Europe.

A name that refuses to go away is Arshavin.

I really really doubt Wenger would throw away £20 mil on a 28 year old with attitude problems, i think this is a smokescreen to shield what he really has up his sleeve because he is right when he says if you mention your targets their value increases along with interest in them.

A loan deal also suits the club because of the financial crisis and Wenger has admitted as much:

‘I can’t spend money I don’t have. The [global financial] crisis is upon us and we feel it at the club.’

One man we most definitely won’t be buying is Toure’s brother, Yaya. He has said he only wants to stay at Barca and can you blame him with them in their current form? No.

I think we will certainly buy in the transfer market and we need at least 2 midfielders, one out and out winger and a decent defender. I really doubt we will get all of them but Havard Nordveit is eligable to play for us from January 1st so he might be a shock solution and might get a game against Plymouth at the weekend.
Apart from that im not really going to speculate that much into new signings and all that so i’ll leave it there for today.

Take it easy.


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