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Arsenal 4 Porto 0 Comments Off

Posted on September 30, 2008 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Well that was all rather nice wasn’t it? A great response from the boys with Van Persie and Adebayor among the goals again, but, it should have been much, much more.

It started off nervy, Porto had some great opportunities that again exposed our very weak defence, Clichy had to clear off the line after Gallas lost his man, again. However, Theo Walcott terrorised the back line of Porto all night constantly running at them, looking for the killer pass and just plain pissing off his full back! I have to mention a stunning save from Manuel Almunia, Gonzalez let off a thunderbolt and he dived full stretch to his left to deny the Porto forward. A magnificent piece of goalkeeping.

The first goal was a very nice poke home for Van Persie after Adebayor slid the ball across the goal, he managed to get the ball out of his feel to slide it in at the near post. 1-0 and the fans wanted more. Much more.

The second was from Adebayor as he headed a fantastic cross into the ground that bounced up and out of the reach of the disparing keeper, Ade and Van are back alright.

Van Persie’s second and Arsenal’s third was a result of some simply horriffing defending, VP skipped round 2 players, was allowed to stroll past Porto’s most experienced defender and prod nicley home. We were crusing and with 43 minutes to go a cricket score was possible.

This was when we had a whole host of chances, Walcott somehow missed an open goal, same goes for Nasri and Adebayor should have made it seven. You have to wonder what this team can be if they are more clinical. Walcott had the defenders shitting their panties and Nasri was a threat from range. Fabregas also pulled a save out the keeper with a shot from the edge of the area. He was truly immense. He cant be 21 can he?

Enter Vela, his first touch was to skip around 3 players, lay it off to Nikki B who just couldnt work the space to shoot. The commontater was shouting ‘Watch this boy go’ and the nations eyes were fixed on him. what a talent. Bendtner has looked brilliant too.

Adebayor made it 4 after Bendtner was felled in the box, sent the keeper the wrong way, cue dancing and badge kissing and the like. I want to see that more often Ade.

There was even time for cult hero Eboooouueee to do some step overs Ronaldinho would have been proud of, sadly the second time he tried it he trod on the ball. I love Eboue, he has his haters but he never fails to either enrage or entertain!

Overall, a very positive performance from the boys, the same defensive worries are still there but it looks like Wenger is going with the policy; you score more than you concede, you win. I hope it works! Saturday is not forgotten but Arsenal are well and truly mixing the cement i mentioned earlier and thank fook for that.

Take care out there.



Arsenal V Porto Comments Off

Posted on September 30, 2008 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Well, another Champions League game brings with it the chance to somewhat partially erase the horrors of Saturday evening. We will have to wait and see what Wenger does about Gallas and how dramatic his changes are but right now i think that our midfield frailty is showing.

We have Diaby, Rosicky, Bischoff, and now Song out, leaving us with two natural central midfielders and Eboue who would play in goal if he was needed there. Denilson was probably the best performer from Saturday if ive read correct and i think him and Cesc will again play in the middle of the park. If i had my way Bendtner and Vela would play up front banishing Ade and VP to the bench to smoulder and think about what they did on Saturday, which wouldnt take too long as they did pretty much fuck all. Ive just found this little gem. It looks like Flamini is picking up a few too many splinters on that AC Milan bench. I hope its heated too, it can get a wee bit nippy in those winter months.

Now, back to the game, we have to perform. Thats simple. But todays game isnt the be all and end all, we have to perform and then back it up with performances in the future because we just cannot lose at home again this season, a win today would paper over the cracks created on Saturday, we have to cement them over with the strongest cement possible and thats going on a winning streak and sorting our leaky defence out.

Many people have called for Gallas to be dropped, i have also. But, the most realistic option is for Toure to be dropped, Gallas is captain and Wenger wont drop him in a million years. Djourou will also help solve our height problem that has become so evident over the past few games, Nasri will add more creativity and he is no mug in front of goal either. We have to see a massive improvement today but it will only be the start, we cant afford to rest on our laurels.

We will be the inexperienced side today so no excuses Wenger. A good performance is compulsury.

And no more ‘scared’ Toure either please.

Right, i bid you farewell.

Up the arse!

(Not Literally)


A change of mentality Comments Off

Posted on September 29, 2008 by Martin @ thegoonblog.com

Well, that was all rather shite wasn’t it! I’m sorry i have not been here for a few days, i will try and get someone to blog when im not available!

First things first, I think we were piss poor, Ive only seen the highlights and it was enough to make me sick, the pints of beer didn’t help either but you can see why Arsene Wenger feels sick, i think that players that do not give 100% should be dropped from the squad. And if they do it again just get them the hell out of the team. I don’t care if its Gallas, Adebayor, Van Persie or even Cesc, it just cannot be tolerated. They get paid far to much to piss around on a pitch and give 50%, at the end of the day the fans pay their bloody wages so they best sort themselves out or fuck off to Man City. Its Monday evening and im still fuming.

Now, Gallas. He feels that complacency wasn’t an issue? It was clear to see the team thought they could smash a few in in the first 20 minutes, run around, look interested and be back home in time for tea and paella. It doesn’t work like that in the Premier League. Gallas, sort your damn attitude out and lead the team. But, sort out your bloody defending, its shocking! that’s about the third time he has made a mistake that has lead to a goal this season, it cant carry on. We are behind as it is and if we play like that against a Chelsea or Man Utd, we will get torn a new arsehole. The captaincy needs reconsidering because Gallas’ attitude is poor, his defending is poorer and his captaincy is just plain crap. If Benitez managed this club he would have been played up front now and who knows, he might be more clinical than Adebayor, its not hard.

But the focus now switches to our game at home tomorrow night and god help up if we screw this one up. The manager has said there will be changes but denies they will be punishments to players. I feel Vela and Bendtner deserve to start up front, Vela has been fantastic since his return from Spain and Bendtner has been scoring also, they have showed commitment, something lacking on Saturday evening. Van Persie is a great player technically but is inconsistent, he has to improve and if he doesn’t I’m afraid he may be on his bike. I feel we will go in with a 4-4-2 but whoever makes up the team i don’t know, Song is out, Nasri back in and i feel the team will probably be pretty much the same. Maybe Bendtner being started in place of Ade would give him a kick up the arse?

I would love to see Djourou start instead of Gallas but i don’t think it will happen, that is the one place that Wenger really annoys me. The partnership of him and Kolo does not work and it will hardly fill the team with confidence!

For once Arsenal will go into the Porto game as probably the most experienced side, no inexperience excuses now please, its time for this team to win something and they had better do after Saturday, and the performance at Fulham.

I am at a loathe to say this but this year, and by year i mean 2008, we have now turned in three totally half cut performances, the defeat at Old Trafford in the FA cup, the Fulham game and now the Hull game, its a habit that is starting to become more and more common and Wenger has to stop it, at the end of the day the buck stops with the players but Arsene has a big influence on them and therefore he has to take some of the blame too as he concedes.

Tomorrow the boys need to step up to the plate, a defeat today could well prove terminal in our Champions League campaign and after we have already flushed half out title hopes down the shitter we just have to win, and win well too. I don’t expect a cricket score but i sure as hell don’t want a 1-0.

I made the mistake of expecting a cricket score against Hull and i well and truly damaged my credibility as a blogger that talks sense. That was a mistake that wont happen again.

Ive cut the quotes out today as i wanted to add more of my view, the weekend was a step backwards, tomorrow has to be a step forward and its got to be twice as big.

Come on Arsenal.

Please leave your views on the game, your comments are needed to keep this alive!
I will come back to them in the following blogs!

Til’ Tomorrow.


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