Why New Age Businesses Are Thriving

We view the world around us so differently than our forefathers did in centuries or even decades past. Religion was a central part of most cultures for so long, but after the atrocities of World War II came to light, many rejected the notion that god could exist. Similarly, industry, production and mass-consumerism characterised much of the twentieth century. That is, until we began to realise how our methods were destroying the environment around us. Such realisations have drastically altered the way that many people now view the world. It has altered our values systems. And from a business perspective, it has given rise to a whole new host of thriving new age companies. Here’s why they’re succeeding.


We Want Peace


With the decline of organised religion religion, some people began looking at alternative belief systems, many of which placed the emphasis on the individual, rather than conventional notions of god. With such approaches, peace is not be found by simply entering into a church and repenting for your sins. Peace is found through self-improvement and looking deep into ourselves. Many claim to have found fulfilment through the alternative practices of mediation and yoga, so accordingly businesses who operate in this field are experiencing notable success.


We Want Answers


Given that we live in times of such economic and environmental instability, it’s only natural to want to know what lies around the corner. Wouldn’t it be mind blowing to be able to predict what your stock was going to do, or know in advance whether an investment was good or bad? Well one investment that certainly is paying off is clairvoyance and psychic mediums – a service that purports to do exactly that – predict the future. With the phenomenon of the internet, businesses such as Kooma are able to operate completely online, maximising profits whilst also offering a valuable service.


We Want to Save the Planet


Climate change is now an accepted reality and only ignorant people are choosing to disbelief or disregard it altogether. But those businesses who are giving their all to reduce the rate of climate change – such as solar powered cafes with locally sourced food – are seeing the financial rewards.


Business, Spirituality and the Environment


In the past, business, spirituality and the environment had little to do with each. But in the current climate, new age businesses are the ones thriving.



Ways to Improve Customer Service and Measure Client Satisfaction for Your Business

There tends to be two things that will cause an individual to remain loyal to a business. The company needs to provide a top-notch product or service and, they need to make sure that their customer service is second to none. That’s because when a business provides excellent customer service, it establishes trust and loyalty between them and their customers. And when that happens, companies are able to establish repeat sales, and even new clients too. Continue reading Ways to Improve Customer Service and Measure Client Satisfaction for Your Business

Different Ways to Improve Workplace Health and Safety Training

Workplace health and safety is one of the most important things to maintain in your business. A company without healthy, fit and strong workers is a company working on only half its cylinders. Plus, statistics show that workplace injuries and illnesses are skyrocketing, which is costing businesses – big and small – millions of dollars a year. In fact, worker compensation cases are driving some businesses to close their doors for good. There are a number of ways to make your business safer and your employees healthier, but it takes strong initiative. Here are different ways to improve workplace health and safety training. Continue reading Different Ways to Improve Workplace Health and Safety Training

Creative Ways to Save Money for Businesses

To maximize profits and increase your chances of business success in a demanding and competitive corporate world, it’s important think about where your business can save money. The more you save on outgoings and overhead costs, the more you will boost your business’ bottom line. Read on for some creative solutions for saving money, so that your business will be able to invest in really important areas, like growth and expansion.

Green Offices

Going green and taking a more sustainable approach to business can actually save money in the long term. Consider fitting daylight sensors to your lighting, so that employees get the full benefit of the daylight hours while cutting down on energy bills. If energy saving light bulbs are appropriate, they can also provide an environmentally friendly solution. The government now offers plenty of financial incentives for businesses to recycle, so if your company hasn’t already got on board with this, now is the time to do so. Place recycling bins at strategic points around the office where they will get the most use, and cut down on your business’ use of paper by discouraging staff from printing emails and memos. You can save on office supplies while also making an environmental commitment.

Office Space

If you have unused office space, you may wish to consider subletting it to generate extra income. Some businesses manage to save a great deal of money on the rent of commercial properties by downsizing and allowing a number of employees to work equally productively from their homes. This kind of flexible approach also benefits staff, because they can save on commuting costs and also be present for familial commitments such as caring for young children or elderly parents. Properly utilizing software like Skype or online file sharing and viewing can mean that working remotely is now a convenient and viable solution.

Consider Second Hand Technology

Investing in the technology that your business needs can be extremely expensive, particularly as laptops, desktops and tablets are constantly changing and being updated. If you want to keep up with competition whilst cutting down on your outgoing costs, it can be a good idea to choose second hand technology. If you buy from a reputable firm, you’ll still get a guarantee and be able to use competent technology for a fraction of the retail price. For more information, contact a specialist seller like SCC Trade

Five Things to Do with a Degree in Science

Science has become increasingly romanticised in recent years. From the humorous antics of the geeks on the Big Bang Theory to Bill Nye’s impassioned defence of evolution, the word is on the street that science is now cool. In fact, there’s been a rise in the number of students applying for science-related degrees over the past 5 years, and educational experts believe that it may have something to do with science’s re-introduction into mainstream imagination.

The Reality of Science

Nevertheless, if students are applying for science courses simply because they like what they see on TV, they’re probably going to be in for a shock. Science is a rigorous discipline which requires huge amounts of study and work if one is to have a successful career in a related field. The reality is that science, just like any other field, has the capacity to be mundane, repetitive and disheartening.

Exciting Careers

If you’re thinking about a career in the sciences, don’t let this put you off. There are plenty of scientific jobs which have the capacity to be exciting, like environmental scientists who get to travel the world, or heroic, like micro-biologists developing vaccines. If you know what you want to do before pursuing your degree, you’ll have a much better chance of achieving it.

Five Amazing Scientific Professions

Perhaps the hardest part of this process is figuring out what it is you actually want to do with your degree. After all, this is a big life choice which requires a lot of thought. So, to help you out, here are five amazing things you may wish to do with your science degree:

  • Astronomers: If your favourite pastime was lying outside on a warm night, looking at the stars, then this could be the career for you. Astronomers concern themselves with all the astral bodies.
  • Atmospheric Scientist: Global warming is a sensitive topic right now, and atmospheric scientists are at the forefront of international discussion.
  • Physicists: If you’re interested in the big questions this may well be for you. Physicists study the origins of the universe, among other things.
  • Toxicology: If you’re a deeply analytical type with an associated interest in manufacturing, this path may be for you. Talk to bibra – toxicology advice & consulting are their thing.
  • Behavioural Science: This field is where the humanities meet the scientists. If you’re interested in finding out why people behave the way they do, this is the perfect career for you.

Why Branding Matters

Branding is a universally employed technique for increasing visibility and differentiating a product or company from its competitors. The brand is intended to represent a business’ ethos, intentions and purpose through a set of compelling visual, written and vocal tools. Branding is the voice and image that embodies your business to the rest of the world, reflecting your values, products and services through both visual imagery and language assets. It should be consistently deployed in every area of your daily marketing strategy.

Branding is all about Communication

The brand is basically a tag for the consumer: in essence, it is an instantaneous trigger which allows them to identify the product’s origins. The true value of the brand stems from the enormous amount of information it conveys. The brand is the central link between the product/company and the buyer. Irrespective of its simplicity, it communicates the core ethos and ideology of the product; by looking at the logo, the buyer is able to draw multiple conclusions as to the quality of the product and the reputation of the producer.

The Brand is the Company’s Public Persona

Brands are not just visual identifiers allowing consumers to recognize producers; they embody the personality of the product/company which they represent. Brands can be childish or serious, traditional or original, elegant or fun. They need to represent the target audience as much as the product itself. A successful brand can be described using the same adjectives as those to describe the target audience.

The Brand.com case study

As an expert in the field, Brand.com provides a prime example of the power of effective branding. Formerly known as Reputation Changer, the company purchased the Brand.com domain name in an attempt to rebrand themselves. Aside from the new name better communicating their purpose, the rebrand yielded major material successes, and resulted in invaluable media coverage on sites such as Techcrunch. The domain name is clearly evocative of the service they provide, allowing the company to position themselves as an authority, and also lent them greater control over their search rankings. Considering the modern reliance on search engines, the importance of this cannot be overstated.

Branding On a Budget

The success of Brand.com’s rebranding strategy may seem impossible to replicate when the domain’s six-figure purchase sum is considered, but branding is not restricted to large companies. Local businesses can also see exponential successes if they correctly brand their services. Traditional methods of branding are particularly effective in order to increase the visibility and customer traffic of smaller companies.

A case in point is Poppies Fish and Chips, a business intended to encapsulate the essence of a 1940s style restaurant and take-away. The owner’s intention was to offer customers an original eating experience, setting them apart from their competitors.

In order to attract both tourists and locals, they employed the branding services of SIGNARAMA. Whilst the business was undergoing interior renovations, SIGNARAMA covered the shop windows with panels advertising the new restaurant, designed as 1940s era newspapers. This created an art effect evocative of the retro era, providing an ideal foretaste of the future design. The result was an eye-catching building which grabbed the attention of both locals and tourists, and which is now proving an exceedingly popular venue.

Branding is a fundamental medium for companies to connect with their audience. With so many methods falling under this umbrella term, it does not require a six-figure sum to yield results. The ultimate marketing goal is to have your target market think of you, and your company, when they are ready to buy, and it is easy to understand how branding can improve product visibility and appeal to the target audience. Successfully branding can produce an incredible return on investment. For any enterprise seeking to ensure growth, success, and an increase in profits, failing to brand your product is not an option.

Altering Your Office Environment to Increase Productivity

If you’re a business owner or team leader, you’ll know that happy employees are the most productive employees. To increase company profits, it’s essential that staff are invested in and that their development and job satisfaction are taken seriously. The most successful businesses are those with a high employee retention rate, because staff feel committed and loyal and want to keep working for those particular companies. However, the office environment is occasionally overlooked as a factor that significantly contributes to how productive your staff are overall.

Natural Light

Psychology Today recommends natural light in the workplace as something that vastly improves office performance. Sunlight contains Vitamin D which is crucial for good health and expose to natural light during working hours has been found to improve the quality and amount of sleep that employees get at night. Your office should have plenty of windows, and you may wish to consider having lights fitted with daylight sensors, so that your staff receive the full benefit of the daylight hours. This can also save your business money on energy bills. During the dark winter months, it’s definitely worth considering investing in ‘sunlight lamps’ that provide the same benefit as being outside in the sun and are used to relieve the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Why should staff productivity suffer just because it’s dark outside?

Food and Drink

Even slight dehydration of between 3 and 5 percent can cause energy levels to drop up to 25 percent. It is therefore very important to ensure that staff have constant access to drinking water, and the facilities for making tea and coffee. In the workplace, it’s often much easier to grab a packet of crisps or bar of chocolate instead of a nutritious snack, but healthy snacks are better for your blood sugar levels and your concentration. Giving staff access to a supply of fresh and dried fruit, nuts and cereal bars is an excellent way of boosting productivity.

Office Furniture

Of course, it’s not always appropriate to work from a sofa or armchair, but there’s much to be said for investing in comfortable and supportive office furniture. If employees are spending long hours in front of the computer, this can be a recipe for back problems. Office chairs should be supportive and allow employees to sit upright without hunching over their screens. If employees are uncomfortable or in pain, they definitely won’t be as efficient as is required.

To find out more about improving employee productivity, contact a specialist service that offers analysis and training in this area, like Cornerstone OnDemand

The Importance of Electrical Safety

Whether you manage a business, rent out properties or are thinking of selling your home, electrical safety is important. As a business owner, you have a responsibility to clients and employees to maintain electrical equipment and protect them from potential risks. As a landlord, safety testing of electrical appliances is crucial for the protection of your tenants. Those looking to sell their properties must provide an up to date record of the testing of all electrical appliances for the potential buyers before an offer is put in on the property.

How to Guarantee Electrical Safety

All electrical appliances deteriorate with age and use, meaning that periodic inspections should be carried out to guarantee that installations are safe for use. A periodic inspection is required to determine whether there are any potential electric shock risks or fire hazards. If any of your circuits are overloaded or if previous electrical work is defective, the inspection will highlight this. Bonding and earthing will also be checked for suitability during a periodic inspection.

During the Inspection

While the periodic inspection is being carried out, you should inform the electrician whether there is any change to how the property or commercial building is being used on a day-to-day basis, as this will affect the electrical safety report. They will check the condition of your electrical circuits and equipment in accordance with the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations.

Warning Signs

There are certain electrical components that are no longer safe for use. If your home, rental property or office building contains any of these, it’s definitely worth getting in touch with your landlord or a registered electrician. These include:

  • Old fuse boxes with wooden backs
  • Cast iron switches
  • Round pin sockets
  • Black switches
  • Round light switches
  • Electrical sockets mounted on skirting boards
  • Cables coated in black rubber or fabric

It’s useful to be aware what outdated electrical components look like so that you can easily spot them. At work, all employees should be encouraged to report electrical faults or damaged appliances so that they can be removed from circulation and replaced as quickly as possible. Periodic inspections should only be carried out by electrically competent persons, using EU approved testing equipment, like the PAT testers available from specialist firms like PASS. Never attempt to undertake an electrical safety inspection if you lack the relevant training and expertise. 

Preparing Your Business for the Retail Rush

With the madness of the festive season now fading into distant memory, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was back to business as usual. But as busy as Christmas and New Year might be in comparison to the rest of the year, there are still countless other periods – both expected and unexpected – when your business will need to prepare for a rapid influx of custom. Here are some great ways to minimise the headaches and ensure that your business is always prepared.


Temporary Staff


There will always be times when you need extra help to get you through more hectic periods of trading. And for this reason, having a couple of temporary or very part-time staff members can be a godsend. Particularly when an anticipated busy period is on the way (such as school holidays or public holidays), by drafting in a couple of extra workers, you’ll ensure that you never get caught out. Remember, the smoother your business operates, the more money you’ll make. So it’s worth the extra short-term investment in order to keep the cash flowing.


Stock Up on Supplies


There is nothing worse in business than failing to have enough products to meet the demand of your customers on a given day. Quite simply, it’s money lost to oversight. Regardless of how quiet you may have been recently, you can never be too prepared for that unexpected rush. So whether its office supplies, a well-stocked change drawer or whichever key products your business sells, always be ready. If a holiday or anticipated busy period is not far off, you might also want to think about your equipment. One card machine might be fine for standard daily trading. But during public holidays for example, it is well worth renting a second machine from Card Cutters.


Cleaning Is Essential


How can you expect to operate efficiently if your place of business doesn’t look spick and span?Remember, the appearance of your place of business says a lot about your company, so be sure to have yours looking its best in the lead up to busy periods. Putting your staff to work in this respect will mean a good use of their time and a money well spent as far as wages are concerned.


Ready to Do Business


Though the festive season is far behind us, there will always be busy periods for your business throughout the year. With the advice listed here, you’ll be more than ready for them.

Do You Need Help To Move Your Business To A New Location?


A fact of life for most businesses is that at some point they will be changing locations. Whether it’s for more space, more modern space or more beneficial lease terms a relocation of your business will likely happen at some point. The Toronto area is economically vibrant and changing which naturally leads to movement within the business community to better suit the needs and locations of potential customers.

When planning a move you have the option of handling the moving yourself or hiring one of the commercial moving companies located in the GTA.

There are significant advantages to using professional movers instead of trying to do it yourself. The biggest advantage is that using movers makes your move physically much easier. Unless your business involves trucks and several strong staff used to loading and unloading large items by hand it is best to hire professionals. In addition to the simplicity there is the safety factor of both people and belongings to consider. The employees of commercial moving companies are not only trained but they are also insured. The relocation of a business can involve furniture and expensive equipment that is easily damaged if not handled properly. A professional mover will have not only the knowledge but the experience to know how to remove the items from your business, load them onto his truck and then place them into your new location. Ideally he will be able to do all of this without breaking or damaging your possessions. However, in the event of damage the moving company will be responsible for the damage.

A business move can cause an interruption in your work flow. By using professional movers you can minimize this interruption by completing the task in an orderly way and within a scheduled time. They have the experience and knowledge to give you a realistic estimate of how long your move will take. This will allow you to best plan your business activities in a way to keep operating your business at the highest level possible. The most logical idea is to interview one of the Toronto based commercial moving companies available and inquire as to how they actually execute a commercial move. Make sure you hire a company that does not contract out its work to third party services.  They should send staff to your business that they have trained and screened themselves.(2) You should have input into the order of how your business is moved. This will allow you to get back up and running in as short a time as possible.

Your employees are good at their jobs, otherwise you would replace them; it is best to let them continue doing the job they do best. Moving heavy furniture and sensitive equipment is best left up to the professionals.  Businesses asked for referrals often direct their colleagues to Rent-a-Son professional movers. When you are relocating your business you have much more to think about than lifting boxes. Get experienced and knowledgeable help and advice from a team who have a great reputation and exceptional customer service.

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